Fancy a new bag? A mini giveaway..

**Giveaway closed** The winner is Pebby!


So recently, the folks at dotcomgiftshop asked if they could include Very Berry Handmade in a list of Ten Creative Needlecraft Blogs on their own blog. I was flattered of course, and as a fan of them anyway, I wasn’t about to say no. Anyway, completely out of the blue, I received this really cute oilcloth bag from them as a thank you/Christmas gift:
Dot com gift shop bag
Love that mid-century mod feel! Because this was totally unexpected, and because I also have a voucher to spend (lucky me!), I thought I would spread the love a bit and offer this fab little bag as a giveaway.

If you’d like to win, just leave a comment before 6pm (GMT) on Wednesday 18th November, telling me what’s the best stocking filler you’ve ever given/received… I am happy to post worldwide. My own personal best-ever stocking filler was venison salami sausage…!

***Disclosure – dogcomgiftshop haven’t asked me to write this post or give anything away and I will be posting the bag at my own expense***

By the way, if you are in a prizewinning mood, the £25 voucher giveaway for Dragonfly Fabrics is still open – just pop along to this blog post to enter.

28 thoughts on “Fancy a new bag? A mini giveaway..

  1. My best stocking filler, which due to my delight, became a yearly tradition was a pair of erasers. They were triangular and patterned like a kimono and had little wooden Japanese style heads.
    But my best ever present was a pair of stilts made by my Grandad. I spent hours on them and showed off my skill to any new friends.Wish I knew what happened to them but it’s probably for the best, I might still be tempted to give it a go and sustain a serious injury!

  2. One of the best stocking presents was the year my sister (5 years my junior) and I both received a torch (flashlight) with a wheel covering the light that had segments of different coloured plastic. By rotating the wheel, our torchlight could be 6 different colours! They kept us quiet for ages before mum and dad woke-up.

  3. My best stocking stuffer ever received was a lovely pair of wool Padraig slippers. Sent straight from heaven to my feet. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely little bag. Fingers and toes crossed!

  4. I was delighted when I received a home made brooch, from a very talented friend , I love gifts that are made with love ! 😍💖 thanks for the wonderful giveaway xx

  5. Best stocking stuffer I received (from Santa) was sparkly pink nail polish – my first time ALLOWED to use it and wear it. However, I spilled most of it on the carpet on my first attempt!

  6. A small selection of fat quarters that my hubby had selected to match our living room as he knew I planned to make a quilt for that room. He did good – just one that was ‘off’. That was at least 15 years ago and quilt still in use today.

  7. One year we each got several pieces from a jigsaw puzzle in our stocking, which made for a fun Christmas morning activity, gathering them all and fitting them together!

  8. My favourite and most memorable stocking filler was a banana!
    My brothers got apples and we were so confused running into our parents room that Christmas morning.
    We were told we had been extra special that year.
    Every year after that we got apples and bananas as stocking fillers!
    As we got older, my mum told us that one year she forgot the satsumas and as we only ever put them back in the fruit bowl, she didn’t think we would notice… little did she know we would think we were special with our random fruit!!

  9. My most loved stocking stuffer was a tiny crystal Christmas tree – I look forward to seeing it again every December!

  10. the loveliest stocking filler was my iPod – keeps me company all the time, especially when sewing – thanks for your generosity

  11. We never had stockings as a child, but I was sure to make it a tradition with my family!! The best stuffers were small toy kits that the kids could build and play with before we as adults were ready to wake up!!

  12. It was a satsuma for me too. Growing up during rationing we didn’t have much and stockings (my Mum’s nylon stocking) usually held a few sweets, nuts, small toy and a satsuma which tasted wonderful at silly o’clock in the morning sitting on the end of my bed with my big brother.

  13. my best stocking filler i ever got is gas station gift card, LOL it’s funny but it’s really works for me since I love to get a donut and cup of coffee every morning before to go work..

  14. When my children were small they loved those rocket balloons – anyone remember them?? they made the most dreadful noise!!

  15. Don’t know about the best , but the unexpected stocking filler was an LP of Chelsea football chants recorded live from the crowd .
    And was I pleased ? No . But I probably pretended

  16. As a child I always looked forward to a packet of ‘spangles’ in my stocking. Easily pleased. These days when I do a stocking or receive one the best ones are full of little well thought out treats.

  17. My best stocking filler was a satsuma, it was always buried at the bottom of my stocking placed at the end of my bed as a child. The stocking was made of a netted kind of fabric so you could see all the goodies waiting to be opened and even now when I see a satsuma it takes me back to secret early morning pressie opening. : )

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