Schnitzel & Boo Mini-Quilt Swap Finish Up

Right on the wire (and EXACTLY as I predicted – I know myself so well, it’s scary sometimes…), yesterday I finished sewing the binding on the mini-quilt I’ve made for the Schnitzel & Boo swap over on Instagram.

S&B miniquilt swap S&B miniquilt swap2 S&B miniquilt swap3

It’s not really obvious from the pictures – but it’s pretty small. The triangles have 2 inch sides, so this measures 16 inches at its widest point. I foundation pieced it in rows, and the stitched the rows together – I love using this technique, which means you have much less trouble with the edges of the triangles stretching. The only tedious part is tearing out the paper.. Next time I might piece onto thin fabric instead, and leave it in place when I’m done, but of course that would mean I’d have to draw the foundation stitching lines rather than just print them out. This mini has turned out almost exactly how I hoped, and assuming I have read my partner’s tastes right, she should definitely like it, so I’m feeling good about this one. Just have to wish it safe travels.

I wanted to send another handsewn something to go along with the quilt, and considered a zippy pouch or a pincushion, but right at the last minute (yesterday…) I decided on a little needlebook instead. I used my Sizzix die cutter to cut the 1 inch squares and used this super-quick, very easy method to piece them.

Snappy needlebook3
Snappy needlebook2

Snappy needlebook

I wanted to partially hide the Kam snaps so they didn’t show on the front of the needle book, so I inserted them in the inner fabric only – this has not been entirely successful, and next time I might do things differently, but all in all, another satisfying finished make, and definitely pretty enough to send off to my partner.

Speaking of swapping – sign ups for the winter ATC swap will be along next week, so watch this space. I am intending to do a nice long deadline this time round, mainly so that I can join in too, so the swap will run mid-November to the end of January if that helps with your swap planning! Anyone else out there swapping at the moment?

10 thoughts on “Schnitzel & Boo Mini-Quilt Swap Finish Up

  1. Ali, that’s a beautiful mini! Love the colours and the unusual shape of it. Thank you for the super-quick tutorial, I would love to give it a try.

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