An unseasonal blog post

I had all sorts of blogging plans this week but time has got away from me whilst I have been working on, and finishing off, my latest project for Ochre & Ocre. As it has been the focus of my attention for a while, I thought I would share a couple of pics, even though it isn’t very seasonal! I always think the lovely organic fabrics from O&O are rather Scandinavian in style, so when Tess, the owner of O&O asked me to come up with a Christmas pattern using their fabrics, I really wanted to go a bit Scandi-style, with lots of snowflake embellishments, lovely trims and some folky embroidery. I considered an Advent Calendar, but because the O&O fabrics are home dec weight, bunting seemed like an ideal choice… but it struck me I could combine the two ideas. Hope you like the results.

Finished 1

All the beautiful trims (the lace, the ribbon, the ric-rac, snowflake and heart buttons etc.), the wool felt and the Zweigart linen I have used are from the always brilliant Cloud Craft.

Finished 2

I bought some early Christmas chocolate for the photo-shoot – do you think it will last until Christmas?Finished 3 Finished 4

We got some of the boys’ Christmas library on to the shelves to get some festive feeling into the photos! I asked Sandy to go up to the attic to get our decorations out, but he wasn’t impressed with the idea…

Finished 6

So I made do with my lovely vases from Nkuku, my cute storage jar by the awesome Camila Prada and the my little wooden house nightlight by Hazel Williams.

The tutorial will be available I think from Sunday on the Ochre & Ocre blog. If you sign up to their newsletter, you will know for sure when it is available. I will not lie, the bunting is quite a bit of work, but a lot of if is super-fun sewing (if you are like me and love fiddling round with trims, buttons, ribbons and embroidery), and once it’s done, it will do years of sterling service and be treasured, I am sure.

14 thoughts on “An unseasonal blog post

  1. It is lovely! What a good idea. I made a fabric calendar a few years ago for my eldest son. I ought to do something for the youngest now. We don’t have a fireplace in our current house, so I would have to think of somewhere else to hang a bunting version, but I am going to put my thinking cap on, as I love it!

  2. You have an amazing idea happening here!!! I would love to make something like this!!! Looking forward to the tutorial!

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