Liberty Scrap Pack Offer on Etsy

How about a free mini Liberty Lawn scrap pack with any order made before midnight (GMT) on Friday 9th October? I have been cutting lots and lots of Liberty lawn hexagons and charm squares lately and have been creating a LOT of leftovers – my box of scraps is full to overflowing! Please help me make room for more…

Scrap pack offer

Just pop round to my Liberty Lawn shop on Etsy and order. You don’t need a code or anything else, just make an order and you will get your free mini scrap pack. And, if you’d like a specific scrap pack (ditzy prints or particular colours) let me know and I will do my best to oblige (no guarantees but I will try!). If you are outside the UK, do please feel free to come to me direct (Etsy Convo or email veryberryhandmade(at)gmail(dot)com) and I will make sure you get absolutely the best possible postage price.


One thought on “Liberty Scrap Pack Offer on Etsy

  1. You got me! I’ve been thinking for a while I’d love to get one of your maxi scrap bags, so if extra scraps are involved now is the time! I forgot to put any notes or anything on my order, but if you could possibly pop a few blue scraps in with the mini scraps that would be great, thanks very much.

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