Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

It feels like an awful long time since I have written about sewing, which is supposed to be the main thing round here… I’m busy (as usual) working on a few bits and bobs – a project for Love Patchwork and Quilting for next year, a Christmas project for Ochre & Ocre and a cushion pattern for the lovely people at Black Sheep Wools, and a mini-quilt for the Schnitzel & Boo Mini-Quilt Swap (round 4). I have become slightly addicted to making mini-quilts for swaps over on Instagram – it is such fun and such a brilliant way to test out ideas and skills. It seems like a lot of other people love them too because swaps seem to be kicking off all the time – I have to restrain myself! – and there are 1008 of us doing the Schnitzel and Boo swap.

I finished the quilt top for the swap yesterday:

Mini quilt 1

It’s hard to tell from the pic, but it is pretty small – the little triangles have 2″ sides – and it’s 16″ across as the widest point. Because it is small and accuracy was at a premium, I decided to foundation piece each row onto paper, then stitch the rows together. I had an inspiration and realised that if I worked first from the right hand side of the row, then from the left hand side of the next, the seams would be in alternate directions and so would fit together nicely when sewing the rows. It worked like a charm! And I am very pleased at the way my triangles match up, mostly, very nicely.
Mini quilt 2

Now I’m putting it aside for a while whilst I figure how to quilt it – hand or machine? And bind it – contrast, blend, coordinate….? It’s all so tricky! But good to give it a bit of space whilst I think about it, and for once (the deadline isn’t until early November) I am actually ahead of the game. Remind me of this when I am still faffing about binding on November 1st…

14 thoughts on “Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

  1. This is lovely, I am sure your partner will appreciate all the hard work and adore it. I would hand quilt it and bind it with one of the darker reds or pinks that you used. x

    1. Thanks so much Kay. Because it is so small, I was thinking of hand quilting too. I have an idea but it might be a little bit out there, and it’s always tricky to experiment on a swap gift! We shall see…

    1. Thanks Helen – hope your processing is going well. This is one of those projects that I felt very confident with up to now (my partner was pretty easy to read!) but now I am a bit more doubtful about the next stage. We will get there! 🙂

  2. Lovely Ali, and such tiny pieces, I’m afraid I’m not that accurate. Your swap partner will be thrilled. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects as and when they are revealed.

    1. Thanks Deb – using the foundation papers means accuracy is much easier (it’s not usually my forte!). I’ve been planning upcoming projects today (just not the ones I am supposed to be working on…).

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