My Fabric House Subscription Boxes: A Giveaway!

My Fabric House giveaway header

I’m such a big fan of My Fabric House for fun, sweet fabrics that you don’t find elsewhere in UK shops – just go and take a look!  Here are just some of my favourites from a very brief browse…. there are so many more to choose from – I challenge you to resist…

Beautiful My Fabric House pics

So I was really delighted to be approached by Luella, the lovely managing director of My Fabric House, to review one of their Subscription Boxes – I am always honest about the things I am asked to review, which can be tricky sometimes, but I just knew I wouldn’t be disappointed by anything from MFH.

Here’s my first glimpse of the goodies in the £30 Bliss Box which I received. There couldn’t be a better selection of fabrics for me – I love the grey, red and white combination, and I really like the way they have been carefully chosen to coordinate. And I am a big fan of all the trims (of which there are lovely generous lengths), buttons and the fabulous lacy zip. This is a really great selection if you make accessories like bags, zippy pouches and cushions, as I do. The fabrics are all great quality too, I’m glad to say.

My Fabric House subscription box

Here’s another, closer look:

My Fabric House goodies

There are other subscription box offers too, starting at £10 a month for the Explore package, and if you prefer just to have fabric in your monthly subscription box, there is the Quilter’s Dream Box (9 fat quarters for £25 per month) – over the months you are going to be making significant savings, and because the fabrics will always be coming from the Bestseller or New In collections, you know you will be getting an exciting, good quality, popular fabrics every month.

Payment for the subscription packages is via Direct Debit and postage is free if you are in the UK (overseas customers need to get in touch with MFH to arrange to pay a little extra for postage). Subscriptions can be altered or cancelled easily – you can read all about the arrangements on the Subscription Box page.

The great news is that I have 3 Subscription Boxes (worth £20 each) to give away to 3 lucky winners. If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning then follow the rules:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post – you can go with the classic ‘pick me’ option, or if you like, tell me what you are sewing at the moment.
  • If you’d like to get yourself an extra chance or 2, then feel free to share the giveaway on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), but PLEASE leave extra comments (one per share) to tell me you have, or all that hard work will count for nothing!
  • The giveaway will run until 8pm (GMT) on Wednesday 23rd September, and is open just UK readers only please.

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118 thoughts on “My Fabric House Subscription Boxes: A Giveaway!

  1. That looks like a lovely idea – especially with buttons as well! I am currently making some knitting accessories using some of your scrap packs that I got as a Christmas present.

  2. Just started on the ‘patchwork city’ book by Elizabeth Hartman …. but find that it’s not quite floating my boat yet …. new fabrics always help though. Thanks

  3. Great stuff!!! I would love a surprise box like that! Ok – after almost a year of no sew-jo, I have finally gone back to my sewing machine and have been working on a HST red and linen quilt. Fingers crossed I can get it completed before Christmas 🙂

  4. This shop is a new one for me. Thanks for intriducing it. The sub boxes look great. Ive been making tissue covers for presents lately, next is pincushions for my sewing group.

  5. I have such difficulty picking fabrics that go together. This looks great. Love the gray chevron fabric. The colours of the whole box just pop. Must go over and take a look

  6. Oh yes please! I’m hoping to make a lion quilt next after I’m done with a quilt for a friends wedding so this would be an awesome way of building the stash!! Thanks!

  7. Piga fi!!!!

    How have I never heard of MHF before? That selection box is Devine!

    I’m currently working on a shirt quilt but with three young ins it’s already taken me weeks and I haven’t even finished cutting yet!

  8. I’ve just been clearing out my fabric stash and shared unwanted bits with a few friends – so I have PLENTY of room for new fabric. I am currently doing some appliqué pictures for my folksy Christmas shop. Love the kitty fabric in your post which my daughter has spotted and wants desperately!

  9. I am about to start making some christmas advent bunting for my family. 24 pouches filled with chocolate for each day up until christmas!

  10. Gorgeous fabrics but why haven’t I seen MFH already? Cannot wait to pop over to their site and have a good browse. Some great designs.
    Just now I am having a “Frozen” time making a “Frozen” quilt (from a panel) for one of my grandees after finishing a “Frozen” costume for her.I can’t wait to “Let it go”!!! and get back to more creative stitching, as it’s not my choice of make, but it will make her very happy.

  11. Thankyou, you’ve introduced me to a new online fabric shop. I’m currently making a dress that I’m hoping will become a workwear winter staple.

  12. Wow those fabrics are so lush. I’m up for a subscription. I’m making cushion pads right now but wanting those fabrics so much.

  13. I have looked at MFH before. In fact they are on my Favourites menu. But I have never got round to actually looking at their site in great detail. You have prompted me to do so, although I don’t think my hubby will thank you. You asked what we are making. Other than my youngest’s birthday and christening cakes I am sewing some mini bags to help with my organisation, and I am in the process of doing 3 quilts (finishing one my Mum didn’t get the chance to, making a million and one hexies for my own hand-sewn epic quilt, and making a Jelly Roll Jam quilt. I think I have too much on my plate… 😀

      1. And tweeted, although I don’t think I have any followers yet as I only opened the account last week, so you can discount that one if you wish, since no one is probably going to see it. I can but hope they might…

  14. I am working on a classic shift dress for an evening wedding party. The pattern is fine but the fabric is slippy, resistant to pins and horrible to sew. I won’t be sorry to move on to a much nicer baby quilt next on the list. Cotton – I love it.

  15. Pick me please! I’m mostly trying to finish off putting some bias binding on a shirt for my 6 yr old. Hopefully before he grows out of it. I’m also planning a mini quilt panel but I have too many ideas right now so nothing is happening!

  16. I’m making loads of scrappy blocks for at least one, if not two, quilts for Siblings Together – an amazing charity that works with children in te care system who are separated from their siblings.

  17. Such a great giveaway and would be perfect to share with my daughter and daughters-in-law at our Christmas sewing bee in November!

  18. Hi, thanks for the chance to win such lovely fabric. I am in the process of planning a quilt for my first grandson and have not decided on the colour scheme yet – so I am going to hang on in case I win the fabric!! Anne

  19. WOW what a fantastic idea – subscription boxes – I have never heard of The Fabric House but love the idea of monthly surprises to get the imagination going. I’m started loads of stocking fillers and Xmas decorations and would love you to pick me so I can create lovely gifts from fabric, trimmings and all things stitchy 🙂

    1. Hi Gail,
      When we were brainstorming about the boxes, we were hoping to bring the someone the experience of getting a surprise through the door every month. Best of luck! Luella from MFH xx

  20. I’m currently in the process of sewing a tote bag and a mini quilt for swaps I’ve joined. Unfortunately I keep getting distracted by sock knitting!

  21. What an interesting post. I had never heard of fabric subscription before. It would be lovely to receive something that I may never have chosen myself . I love making things but tend to copy rather than be creative . To receive fabric on trend chosen for me would help me to try different projects and experiment a little more. Currently making bags for Christmas presents and small items for my grandchildren’s party bags. A new arrival on the way so quilt making time again.

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thanks for the insights! That was exactly what we were hoping to achieve! To inspire and challenge. Many people say they tend to buy very similar prints over and over again, and we think it would be a lovely idea for them to try something completely different and be surprised about the result! 🙂 Best of luck! Luella from MFH xx

  22. I have been asked to make a quilt for my friend whose baby is trying to come too early. We know she is having a boy and isnt due for another 6 weeks. We are keeping our fingers crossed he is healthy when he does come. The beautiful fabrics they sell are her favourite.

  23. The fabrics are lovely. I am having a rest from EEP at the moment and have started another quilt.Found a pattern I just had to make so will have another project on the go. I do enjoy your newsletters.

  24. I couldn’t resist a browse & you’re so right- a beautiful selection of fabrics & accessories to choose from! To win would be heavenly – beautiful fabrics to help me with my love of making gifts for family & friends. I’m happy because I’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment; 3 patchwork quilts & cushion covers waiting to be quilted, sewing machine covers & patio door curtain that need lining before the colder months arrive. There are also some stunning Liberty charms on my workdesk that just need to be stroked for a bit longer before being made into gifts for friends.

  25. Would be fabulous to add to mine and my 9 year old daughter’s collection. We made a little rabbit toy together today 😃

  26. Lovely looking boxes! I’ve got far too many WIP, but the one on the machine at the moment is a Scrappy Shirt Trip around the world!

  27. Thank you for bringing My Fabric House to my attention – I’ll head on over there !
    In the middle of a Halloween quilt at the moment. Love the idea of the boxes.

  28. What a fabulous idea and a lovely giveaway Ali. I’m making Christmas presents at the moment, all epp as I’m not allowed on the machine for a couple of months. Made 1 Liberty lone star , 2 more to do then hand quilting all 3. Also just stitching a flying swallows mini in greys blues and purples.x

  29. I am making my first real quilt – a baby one -, having made a few mug rugs. It is the Twinkle, Twinkle quilt from the book of baby quilts “Nap and Nod”. It is so cute. It is for a baby due in November. I hope it will be as lovely as the picture in the book! I also hope in due time to move on to grown up quilts.

    1. I love your blog and have learned so much from you. After the worst year of my life winning a lovely prize like this would be like a little ray of sunshine. Thank you.
      Dorothy:-) xxxxxx

  30. What wonderful fabric, at the moment I am trying to learn some very basic stumpwork.
    I am planning on making some lavender pouches for Christmas presents and want to put some lavender embroidery on the front, hence the stumpwork and make the inner pouches from purple scraps.

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