Lovely New Fabrics!

I know that quite a lot of you share my love for beautiful Liberty lawn, so I know you won’t mind if I share some pictures of the new Liberty Lawn prints I have available in my Etsy shop. First up I have Michelle in two colourways:

Michelle orange blue purple main

Michelle pale green yellow main


For me, Michelle is absolutely the epitome of a Liberty print – pretty, a little bit old-fashioned (in the best possible way), 1930’s chintzy but beautifully modern at the same time. I’m not surprised to read that this print was created in the thirties by the same artist who created Wiltshire and Betsy. I love the way that the different colourways bring a totally different style to the same pattern. Felicite is a very similar print in style – I have some of this in stock too:

Felicite purple main


Tatum is another fabric that mines this thirties seam. According to the Liberty website, this fifties print is probably based on a 1930’s design. It was included in the ‘Classic’ tana lawn range (that is the group of Liberty designs that are regularly reprinted) in 2001. Tatum is one of my favourite prints and I think this brown and pink colourway is rather nice for autumn.

Tatum brown pink main

Another dramatically coloured fabric, acquired for all you lovers of purple, is Leila:

Leila purple main

The design for Leila (which is a seasonal print, so buy it while it is still available, if you like it!) is based on a Liberty scarf which as available during the 1970s. I also have an orange version of this print in stock – orange and purple are such 70s colours, so I guess that is entirely suitable!

I managed to pick up some of the much sought after Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired Suzy Elizabeth – I love these glorious teapots!

Suzy Elizabeth pink main


I have three other fabrics available that are all part of the Autumn Winter 2015 release from Liberty. Again, if you like these, now is the time to be! The A/W 2015 collection is inspired by the fashions of previous eras. First up is Donna Leigh:


Donna Leigh blue main

Donna Leigh is based on a design originally created in the 18th century by the celebrated illustrator and designer for calico dress fabrics, William Kilburn.

Lady Zadie blue main

Lady Zadie is derived from the pattern found on an embroidered frock coat from a court suit of the late 18th century.  I love this stunning design, which makes me think of the work of Angie Lewin and Mark Hearld, with it’s feathers and flower heads. 

Peacocks of GH blue orange main

Finally, and my favourite, The Peacocks of Grantham Hall. For some reason, perhaps the style, colours and pattern repeat made me think that this might be inspired by textiles created by Bloomsbury designers. But it is actually a design drawn by the actor, John Malkovich, created whilst on location for the series ‘Blackbeard’ – inspired by a remnant of fabric he saw at Grantham Hall in Kent. What an annoyingly talented man John Malkovich is! I’ll definitely be using some of this fabric myself – it’s just my kind of thing.

Hope you see something here that’s just your kind of thing too!



5 thoughts on “Lovely New Fabrics!

  1. I love the first Michelle and the Felicite, as well as the teapots (its pink, so need I say more?!!!). I haven’t really looked at Liberty for fabric before (too enamoured with certain American designers and Makower), but these are prompting a possible new fabric love affair! The question is, what can I make with them…

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