Textile Artist Trading Card: My Favourite…. Cuppa

Here’s my completed card for our 7th Very Berry Textile Artist Trading Card Swap. The theme this time round is ‘My Favourite….’ because I really wanted to see all the different kinds of things people would choose to illustrate on their little cards.

My resolve over the last couple of years has been to take pleasure in the small things… so I decided to feature one of my favourite daily treats… cups of delicious Masala Chai – black tea brought to life with a wonderful collection of spices. I love this warming brew which never fails to cheer and comfort in times of stress, but which also revives when I am feeling worn out, although I don’t sweeten it with the traditional condensed milk!


I printed my own background fabric with words connected to the theme, then I tried to keep a slightly Indian theme, using a paisley patterned Liberty lawn called Karm as the main feature fabric, some red Capel (also Liberty lawn) and vintage lace as a trim inspired by the beautiful India saris I used to see every day in the shops on Green St in east London when I lived nearby.

I even tried to include a little sari sparkle – and did some of the tiniest stitching ever. I think these ATC swaps might cause my eyesight to give up one of these days – I always seem to be reaching for the magnifying lamp!

There have been some fabulous interpretations of ‘My Favourite…’ in the Flickr Group. I urge you to go and admire all the brilliant creativity!

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