Vintage look Liberty hexies

Ages back, before Christmas, I picked up a lovely glass frame from one of my favourite local(ish) shops, Alcove. The frame has a clever little hinged design, which allows it to fold open – and I though there would be room for something that was thicker than a photo – maybe a bit of crochet or embroidery, to be enclosed it it. I bought it, thinking that it would be a good way of displaying part of my collection of artists’ trading cards.

Then an idea started to unfurl in my mind, of creating something, using Liberty fabrics and lace (maybe my own crochet lace) that looked pretty, a little bit vintage, a little bit old-fashioned, a little bit like something I might discover spilling out of an old suitcase at a Bric a Brac market.  I pulled out some of my smallest Liberty scraps in dark and light blues, put them through my 1 inch hexie die cutter, then painstakingly paper-pieced and stitched them all together.

And then I got stuck.  I wasn’t sure where to go next with it. Originally I added a narrow border of white linen, but it looked so bright against the blues, and far too clean to be vintage, so I swapped in some hand-dyed linen/cotton mix, which looks far better. Then the lace….

I tried some crochet, but it wasn’t quite the look I was going for. I needed thinner, more delicate thread than the #8 cotton Perle I had chosen. I decided I would look out for something that was more suitable at the Festival of Quilts. Mooching round all the stands there for something that I could work with, I spotted a lovely little stall selling all sorts of beautiful bits of vintage trims (I can’t remember the name of the stall, I am sorry to say), and I pounced, of course, spending my last fiver (it really was!) on a lovely load of beautiful lace.

And here’s the finished something:

Vintage style mini hexies 3

Vintage style mini hexies 4

Vintage style mini hexies 1I’m pretty pleased with the result, although next time round (and there is definitely going to be a next time round), I am going to aim for something a little less pretty-pretty and a bit more distressed-looking. It was fantastic fun to do, and so nice to just play around with ideas. And as the finished piece was just 4in by 6in, it also got me thinking that a textile postcard swap might be a fun project along the line… do let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in me organising – maybe as a little change from ATCs. 

17 thoughts on “Vintage look Liberty hexies

  1. Simply stunning! I just love the mix of Liberty and lace and the finished piece is set off to perfection in that wonderful frame. I’d definitely be interested in a postcard swap. I do so love the ATCs and it would be a lovely challenge to work on soemthing a bit bigger.

  2. This is just gorgeous. I think I may need to investigate those little glass frames!! A fabric postcard swap sounds great. I was looking at the blog of my old quilting club in New Zealand just this week and they have done just this – they are beautiful 🙂

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