Bloggers Love Food & Drink Festival

Yesterday I had a bit of an adventure. A while ago I heard about a Bloggers Food & Drink Festival happening in London, and because I love an excuse to visit my old London haunts, and love to blog about food, I signed up to attend.

I arrived a bit early so started the day with a little walk along the South Bank and had a few nostalgic moments. It has changed a lot since we moved away from London in 2003. But I was glad to see the Founders Arms was still going strong and stopped for a little half of Dutch courage (aka Young’s Special, which tasted as good as I remember).

New bag on trip to London
It was good to have a few minutes people watching – there were children playing down on the foreshore of the river, I wished I had had the time to pop down and search for some Thames treasures.

Next it was over the Millennium Bridge (where I saw the amazing Ben Wilson – who transforms discarded chewing gum into tiny works of art) and into the City to a rather dark nightclub to the festival. In spite of feeling rather nervous about all the networking that was ahead of me (am out of practice in recent years), I had an absolute blast – and was reminded that it is always easy to talk to people who are so enthusiastic about the lovely goodies that they have created. I came home with a huge haul of samples, leaflets and business cards and I’ll be blogging in more detail about them over the next few weeks as I try them out. But for the time being I wanted to give them all a shout out… in no particular order:

That Protein
Equinox Kombucha
Brownie Brownie
Cocoa Hernando
Of the Earth Superfoods
Harrie’s Coffee
Miss Millar’s
Slendertox Tea
Granny Mary’s Potted Meats
Thanks for Franks
Urban Fruit
Pearl and Groove

Bloggers Love food fest

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