Artist Trading Cards Update 1

I’m really pleased that for this round of the Very Berry ATC swap, some of the swappers will be guest blogging about their progress and experience. First up is Jo of JoZart – thank you Jo! I met Jo at the Black Sheep Wools Sewing Bee – and I am really excited she is swapping along with us. Jo is an old hand at paper ATCs, but making a textile version is new to her. Here’s what Jo says:

I’m thrilled to be joining in the 7th Fabric ATC swap, with Ali – and the theme is:

My Favourite …..
and the rest is up to me……

so I decided to make my mini collaged, embroidered, doo dah-ed tiny piece of textile art all about my favourite artist……. first a couple of doodles to try to get an impression of his work.
I decided that this one, below, might lend itself to the task but it looks so bland as a simple sketch of black on white, when he works in bold colour and with such a great sense of freedom. I’ve had to reign myself in.
He worked in design, art, textiles and architecture, all on a big scale, and had extremely innovative ideas about conservation. He was certainly non-conformist and used his art to spread the message for alternative living.
Maybe you will guess his name???
I’ll keep that to myself for a little longer unless you are canny enough to guess?

I rushed to gather a few fabrics so I could begin to transform my ideas and add colour to my mini tribute to him. This is my inspiration and my first steps and it is amazing how daunting but exciting it is to contemplate a creation which is only 2.5 inches x 3.5 ins. I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on with these tiny bits of fabric (which are still far to much) and I don’t think it will be a simple task. Looking forward to doing some free machine embroidery, maybe I’ll add a few beads too….. ooooh ! It’s so little but really exciting!

Stage 1 over, now watch this space!!!
I have been lucky enough to see his art in a major exhibition and I have also visited several places where he transformed building with his architectural revamps.
Here’s the interior of a station:
and sinks in the public conveniences…

How will I shrink a bit of this into such a small area?

Good luck Jo and thank you so much! Now Very Berry readers – I guessed the artist – can you??

10 thoughts on “Artist Trading Cards Update 1

  1. Seeing all your planning for your ATC is making me feel somewhat inadequate as I don’t do any of that. My way of working is completely different.

    1. If I was making 20 or so to swap at a show then I would just sit down and do them but this is an annual “one off” and it’s the first fabric ATC I have ever made, my mind is racing, I’m quite excited and so I put ideas to paper.
      Life is a kaleidoscope and everyone approaches whatever they make so differently. Don’t feel inadequate, just have fun, I know I will.

  2. I know! But that would be spoiling it so I’m not saying either. I haven’t looked at his work for a long time so I’ll enjoy a bit of googling. Looking forward to seeing your ATC!

  3. I don’t know who he is, but I’ve been to those toilets (or similar) several times on one of the Austrian motorways!

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