UFO project

I am embarrassed at the size of the pile of Un-Finished Objects I have piled up on my sewing shelves. My summer resolution is to make a bit of a dent in the pile. Mostly they are playing-around ideas and experimental projects put aside because other (paid for!) work intervened, so it is actually invigorating rather than depressing to return to most of these, and get my creative thought processes going again.

blue liberty cushion 5


So I started with this cushion, which is going to be gifted to a friend. I sewed the Liberty panel ages ago – it consists of narrow scraps of Tana Lawn folded, overlapped and stitched on to some foundation fabric.

blue liberty cushion 1

After finishing the front with some yarn-dyed Essex linen, I felt that it would need an extra touch so I decided to have yet another go at corded piping. I have used piping before, and although it has mostly worked out just fine, but I always find it incredibly trying to get it to sit nicely in place, using the method of sewing the piping in as I sewed the seam. This time round, looking for a better method, I followed the instructions in this free tutorial on Craftsy, and stitched the piping to the cushion front before I stitched the 2 sides of the cushion together – so much easier!

I am rather proud of the covered zip on the back. I have a tutorial planned for this – coming soon I hope!

blue liberty cushion 2


It is lovely to feel that that pile of ‘to be finished’ items is a little bit smaller. Although I confess I have also started something new… (what can I say – couldn’t resist all the uncut fabric calling to me!).  Hope you have some fun sewing going on this weekend, UFO or otherwise!

blue liberty cushion 6


7 thoughts on “UFO project

  1. This is a wonderful way to use small pieces of fabric too. We all have UFOs, I am very slowly working on my EPP Liberty hexagon quilt, every now and again I get it out and do a few hexagons.

  2. It’s very smart Ali, I have just looked at the piping tutorial, makes a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing.

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