Recipe: Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream


No-churn super-simple raspberry ripple ice cream recipe

Our raspberry harvest continues to delight, so I’ve had lots of opportunities to experiment with different recipes (the raspberry vinegar, by the way, is completely delicious).  As we’ve had a couple of lovely warm days, and more to come I hope, it seemed a really good time to make ice cream (but isn’t it always a good time to make ice cream?), using a simple no-churn recipe.

I love this recipe because you don’t have to faff around making a custard and it doesn’t need any whisking whilst freezing either, so once it is mixed and in the freezer, it is all done. The key ingredient is condensed milk – I am not going to preach – this is not the place – but please think of avoiding buying the Nestle version, supermarket own-brands are reasonably easy to get hold of.

No churn, very simple raspberry ripple ice cream recipe


Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream - no churn

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream


  • 350g raspberries
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 140g caster sugar
  • 200ml condensed milk
  • 500ml double cream

You will need a shallow freezer container with a lid – mine is about 11 inches by 6 inches and is about 3 inches deep, and is absolutely ideal.


  • Weigh out 250g of the raspberries into a saucepan and add the lemon juice and sugar. Heat gently and stir until the sugar has dissolved then simmer for about 15 minutes. Sieve the raspberries into a bowl to remove the pips and then chill the syrup you end up with.
  • Put the condensed milk and cream in a bowl, stir together, and then chill.
  • Gently crush the remaining raspberries with a fork to break them up – you don’t want a mush, just smaller bits of raspberry – put these in the fridge too.
  • When the raspberry syrup is thoroughly chilled, take the condensed milk and cream mixture from the fridge and whisk it until it forms soft peaks.  Stir the crushed raspberries into the syrup.
  • Dot spoonfuls of the syrup mix in the bottom of your container (use about a quarter of the syrup), and then dollop a few spoonfuls of the cream mixture (use about a third of the mix) on top. Swirl them around a bit to create a ripple effect. Repeat this layering and swirling a couple of times until the cream mix and syrup are used up. Try not to over mix if you want to create the classic ripple look.
  • Put the container into your freezer – it will take up to 6 hours for the ice cream to fully freeze (but you know, you don’t have to wait that long….).


No churn very simple raspberry ripple ice cream recipe condensed milk


9 thoughts on “Recipe: Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

  1. If you are very concerned about source of condensed milk – you can make your own, called in Scotland “milk jam” (for putting on sandwiches etc) . Not sure what quantity you would need for this recipe but it is always whatever quantity of milk in ml, the same quantity of sugar in g. So perhaps 200ml milk and 200g of sugar. Boil it until it thickens but careful not to let it darken unless you are making fudge or toffee. I have used this method to end up with lactose free condensed milk. Also tried with soya milk.

  2. Hi, I tried the ice cream recipe yesterday – it was a big success! Easy to make and so tasty. All the family wanted second helpings and asked for more again today! Thanks. Anne

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