Tutorial: Cafetière Cosy

Finished 3

Another tutorial that was originally published elsewhere, using more gorgeous fabrics from Ochre & Ocre. This is a really quick little project – it would make a super little gift.

Project Notes

  • The seam allowance is 1cm throughout.
  • The project requires 2 layers of wadding to create the necessary insulating effect. For one of the layers I used Insul-Bright which is a wadding specially designed to provide even more insulation – it is widely available, but you can replace it with another piece of fusible fleece if you cannot get hold of it.
  • I used Madeleine in sage and Ledbury in blue grey from the Ochre & Ocre range.
  • This cosy will fit an 8 cup cafetiere with a 31cm diameter and a height of about 18cm.

Step 1
From Fabric A (the polka-dot fabric in my version) cut:
1 piece measuring 10cmx34cm

From Fabric B (the stripe in my version) cut:
2 pieces measuring 6cmx34cm
1 piece measuring 18cmx34cm
2 pieces measuring 6.5cmx8cm

From low loft fusible fleece (I used Vilene H630) cut:
1 piece measuring 18cmx34cm
2 pieces measuring 6.5cmx8cm

From Insul-Bright cut:
1 piece measuring 18cmx34cm

From 2cm Velcro cut:
1 piece measuring 4cmx2cm

Step 2
Take one of the 6cmx34cm pieces of Fabric B and place right sides together with the piece of Fabric A, aligned with one of the long edges. Pin and stitch. Repeat with the other piece of Fabric B on the other long edge of Fabric A. Pic 1

Step 3
Press the seams open and then iron on the fusible fleece, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Top stitch the 2 seams, about 2mm from the seam, on the pieces of Fabric B. Use something with a curved edge (a cotton reel is good) as a template to create curved corners on the outer section.

Pic 2

Step 4
Measure 1.5cm from one of the short sides of outer section – position and pin one half of the piece of Velcro at this point. Stitch into place.

Pic 3

Step 5
Create curved corners on the 18cmx34cm piece of Fabric B, in the same way that you did in Step 3, and repeat with the piece of Insul-Bright. Zigzag these 2 pieces together, all round the edge.

Pic 4

Step 6
Iron on the fusible fleece to the 2 remaining small pieces of Fabric B. Cut 2 (only 2!) curved corners on each of these pieces.

Step 7
Take one of these pieces and measure 1.5cm from the edge with the curved corners. Position the other half of the Velcro at this point, aligned centrally, and stitch into position.

Pic 5

Step 8
Put this piece right side together with the matching small piece and stitch round 3 sides (leaving the long side with no curved corners unstitched). Notch the curved corners and trim seams to about 0.5cm, trimming off excess fusible fleece in the seam allowance. Turn right side out, press, then top stitch close to the edge.

Pic 6

Step 9
Pin the completed fastening tab to the right side of the outer section at the opposite end to the other piece of Velcro, and with the Velcro facing up, as shown in the picture.

Pic 7

Step 10
Pin the outer and inner sections right sides together and stitch all round, leaving an 8-10cm turning gap in one of the long sides. Trim the seam allowance to 0.5cm, trim any excess fusible fleece in the seam allowance and notch the curved corners. Turn through and press thoroughly, turning the edges of the turning gap in to match the seam line. Top stitch all round the outer edge of the cosy to finish.

Time for a coffee!

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