Camping & Cloud Craft Giveaway Draw

Hi everyone – sorry for being late with the draw for the Cloud Craft giveaway. We decided to take advantage of the glorious weather here and nip off for a night in the tent. Considering it was our first time camping with the dog as part of the family, and 2 years since we last used the tent, we didn’t do so badly. We just popped up the road to Mow Cop and stayed at a Camping and Caravanning Club certificated site called Castle Camping. We had the most amazing views over the Cheshire Plain and far away to the north Wales hills in one direction:

Camping Cheshire plain

Over in the opposite direction, we could see the Staffordshire Moorlands and the Peak District:


The above is taken from the Gritstone Trail which runs directly by the site – you can just see my turquoise car there, with the tent behind it. After a 2 year break, we were VERY pleased we remembered how to get our beautiful Outwell Yukon River 6 upright… well, I remembered! Sandy was mightily impressed by my ability to remember how to get the tent sorted, and I told him it’s all the practice I get creating patterns and sewing which does wonders for my spatial abilities! Well that’s one reason for maintaining a large cupboard or 2 full of fabric….

Speaking of fabric – you are here for the draw, not my holiday pics…

Cloud Craft giveaway

Comment number 26 belonged to Michele T – so huge congratulations to her. Michele I will be in touch later today.

Thanks everyone else for joining in, and just to say, there is style time to join in with the ATC swap if you want to…

12 thoughts on “Camping & Cloud Craft Giveaway Draw

  1. Yay!!! Lucky, lucky me!!! I’ve got some ideas planned for this beautiful collection of linens already!! Thank you!

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