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I’m always so pleased when customers send beautiful pictures of the things they have made with Liberty lawn fabric from my Folksy shop (I also have a shop on Etsy, if you prefer that platform!). Donna recently bought one of my packs of eighty 5″ squares (available here in my shop and also available from here by subscription in 4 monthly instalments), and has created this beautiful quilt:

Liberty rainbow quilt_1 Liberty rainbow quilt_2

Amazingly, this is Donna’s first ever quilt! She has made such a fantastic job of it, and tells me that the recipients are really pleased with it too (I am not surprised!). You can find the tutorial for this quilt pattern, which is by Jess (of The Elven Garden), just here.

Meanwhile, another customer, Lynne, makes dresses from Liberty lawn scraps for these adorable little mice:

Lynne's mice 2 Lynne's mice 1

Lynne sells these gorgeous needle-felted creations, along with lots of other goodies using Liberty fabrics, in her Etsy shop. I love the Liberty outfits, obviously, but how cute are those little hand knits that go with them? Just too adorable!

Pauline, who won a giveaway for a set of 140 5″ squares (or available here by instalments), sent me a pic of the sweet softie she made with some of her fabrics. The pattern is from a recent issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine:

Pauline's softie


Finally, here’s one of mine… I made this for a recent Instagram-based swap. It’s a mini-quilt measuring around 14″ square (I think I remember right!) and is based on a quilt design by Jeliquilts, also from a recent edition of LPQ.  The envelopes are all made from Liberty fabrics combined with shot cottons, and the background is linen. The main thing I learned from making this little monkey is to always pre-wash if you are using white fabrics. I had to give the finished mini-quilt a cool wash because the white linen was so grubby when I finished it. Unfortunately, the linen shrank a little more than the Liberty lawn and the finished quilt was a bit lumpy, as you can see. Fortunately my swap partner didn’t seem to mind too much!

Liberty letters mini

One positive I learned from making this mini, is that Kaffe Fassett shot cottons work brilliantly with Liberty lawn because they are quite a similar weight. They come in a fantastic range of colours too, so you are always going to find a good match. I think the best range of the Fassett shot cottons is available at The Cotton Patch (but do let me know if you know of any other sources with a large range of these).


9 thoughts on “Liberty makes

  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of an envelope quilt for awhile now and think yours is lovely (despite the aforementioned wrinkles). Did you use a pattern or make up your own? If you did use a pattern may I ask which and where?

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments. I surprised myself with how well it turned out considering I’ve never quilted before. I loved the whole process of making the quilt and I can’t wait to make another one.

    Fran, I adapted Jess’ design slightly to make it a little simpler but I think whatever you decide to make will be lovely as the fabric is just so beautiful.

    I’m loving everybody else’s work here. Liberty fabric works so well with many different types of work.

  3. So many beautiful makes. Thanks for the point about the Kaffe Fassett shot cottons, I’ve always wanted to try them but as I can’t source them locally and would have to order them online I’ve always been slow to get some. Now that I know they work well with Liberty lawn I’ll have to give them a go.

    1. Ooh, I’ve just hovered over your name and saw a blog link. Your work is AMAZING! And what an awesome part of the world you live in.

  4. Such beautiful items! I pull out the charm squares I won frequently to admire them… I’ve even bought the sashing fabric but am so undecided whether to use the gorgeous design Jess came up with or a different idea… The debate rages on in my head 😉

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