Easter preparations & egg cosies

In spite of the horrendous weather (rain, hail, gale force winds, freezing temps!), British Summertime has officially begun and Easter is nearly here. This week I will be making my favourite Simnel Cake – I’m going to try this recipe from the Guardian which claims to be the perfect version. I hope it lives up to its billing, but as long as there is plenty of marzipan, I really don’t mind. I’m also planning on baking lots and lots of Easter biscuits for my kids, who probably wont touch the fruit cake. I can’t believe I originally blogged the recipe for these biscuits 4 years ago – time flies – I still think of this as my new blog!  Anyway, I really recommend them – they are rich, buttery, delicious, and fun to make. And, of course, the house is filling up with chocolate eggs…! We shall be as round as eggs ourselves by this time next week…

I’ve recently finished an Easter-themed project for my friends at Ochre & Ocre. I made these little egg cosies from little remnants of their lovely organic fabrics:



Rather pathetically, I could only find one of our egg cups for my picture. Fortunately Tess and her photographer at Ochre and Ocre did a much better job:

Ochre and Ocre Easter cosies

The essence of spring! It’s a shame the weather isn’t quite living up to the pictures. If you have time to sew before the weekend, you can find my pattern for the egg cosies (they are super quick to do, not surprisingly!) over on the Ochre & Ocre blog.

Hope you enjoy your Easter celebrations and/or Easter break, whatever the weather!

6 thoughts on “Easter preparations & egg cosies

  1. Charming cosies, have never made Simnel Cake and I don’t even think I’ve ever eaten eat one, it looks a little bit like Christmas cake?!
    Happy Easter

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