Rainbow Mini all finished

I just wanted to share a pic of my completed mini quilt for the Instagram Rainbow Mini Swap. I so enjoyed making this – I hope you can tell!

Rainbow mini


It just scraped in under the 24″ maximum rule, which was a relief. I have learned that I have a tendency to be rather skimpy with my 1/4″ seams, so things tend to grow a bit!

Love Sewing arrived at my place this morning, and so I got to see the fabulous job that the Ed, Helen, has made of styling my pattern for a gadget clutch:gadget clutch in love sewing

It was also a great relief to see that an iPad actually fitted..  I don’t have one, so I was working from my DIY cardboard version. Not quite the same… It’s a really fabulous issue (not just because I am in it!), well worth getting hold of a copy!

I’ve also been busy whipping up a Kindle Paperwhite-sized version of the clutch using Liberty lawn and some Essex yarn-dyed linen, for my lovely FB friend Lisa:


For some insane reason I decided to put some piping round the edge of the flap section. Got it to work after MUCH swearing. Must practice because I love the way it looks. Some piped cushions are on my To Do list, but that’s rather extensive…

We have had gorgeous weather here today, which made me feel very spring-y. Here’s my pup enjoying a sunny ‘walk’ this morning. He is such a lovely source of fun and happiness in our days!



Hope you are having a lovely weekend too!


17 thoughts on “Rainbow Mini all finished

  1. Your sewing is beautiful and I loved seeing the picture of your dog having such fun in the spring sunshine – really made me smile!

  2. I spotted you in the mag yesterday – great article! I’ve also been collecting selvedges since I saw your quilt although I’m not sure what I’m going to make with them yet.

  3. I love that quilt! I just started assembling my first ever one! Then ran out of thread… It is not on hold until Mum can drop in some emergency supplies on Monday so that I can finish assembling the top!

  4. Also love your mini. My copy of Love Sewing arrived today as well. I have just settled down to read it. Your project looks really good.

  5. Your mini quilt is great. It has such lovely clean lines. Your little dog looks like hes loving his spring walks!

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