Book Review: Shed Decor by Sally Coulthard

IMG_4797If you have dreams of creating an outdoor room or even just a very fancy garden shed, Shed Decor by Sally Coulthard (and recently published by Jacqui Small) is definitely the right book to consult. It is packed full of photographs of the most inspiring and beautiful outdoor rooms. Before I opened this book, I had no plans to do any such thing, but even after my first flick through, I was googling ‘large sheds’ and ‘bespoke garden rooms’!  Who wouldn’t want this lovely hideaway at the bottom of their garden?


The book is divided into 2 main sections. The first is Shed Decor Styles, which highlights some different approaches for your shed/outdoor room and looks in detail at themed decorating styles. There are sections on The Rustic Shed, The Vintage Shed, The Plain & Simple Shed, The Recycled Shed, The Retro Shed and The Country Shed. You can see from the pictures – there is a wonderful variety of styles here:


In her intro, Sally Coulthard says:

Sheds give us the freedom and permission to do something that’s life-affirming, creative, or just really good fun.

This made me think – If you’re the sort of person who drools every week over the wonderful self-build inspiration of TV’s Grand Designs, but know that you could never actually find the money or the courage to build your own house, creating a fun outdoor room could well be an achievable alternative. You can see how persuasive Shed Decor is! I even started looking for textiles that would look as good on the walls as these beauties:



The different shed decorating styles are lavishly photographed and inspiringly styled. To be honest, even if you don’t even have garden space, this book is well worth a look if you, for example, have a small box room you want to cram loads of storage into to create a craft room:




and who wouldn’t want a sewing shed?



There are masses of ideas about how to decorate a limited space, how to reuse and recycle furniture, and how to squeeze the maximum amount storage, style and fun into a small room. I adore these little kitchens, made using loads of lovely recycled, reclaimed and simple materials. Can you imagine playing house in these lovely spaces?





Once you are brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, the second shorter section deals with the practicalities of making the space usable and comfortable. So the author addresses the options for decorating and insulation of walls and floors, the possibilities for providing heat and power, the kind of textiles and furnishings that work in a shed environment, and looks at the options for making the most of storage. There’s also a (sadly, fairly short) Directory of where to go for furnishings, textiles, paints, etc..

Definitely worth checking out if you dream of creating a garden haven of any kind! As usual, the lovely people at Jacqui Small are offering Very Berry Readers the opportunity to order Shed Decor at the discounted price of £20 including p&p* (RRP: £25), telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code APG285. *UK ONLY – Please add £2.50 if ordering from overseas. 

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Shed Decor by Sally Coulthard

  1. How wonderful! My Mum reminded me recently that I have always wanted my own shed since I was a small child – sounds my perfect book. Off to add it to my wish list (to be displayed in a prominent place)

  2. I’ve dreamed of such a garden haven for a long time but I fear it will remain a dream for a long time to come as the weatehr here means that such a shed would have to be exceptionally well insulated to be habitable in the winter months and would also require planning permission to install. One day maybe, but for now I won’t stop dreaming.

  3. There are some beautiful inspiring sheds there!

    I had a large shed in my garden – I was studying at the time and needed a space to concentrate from busy life with teenagers!

    After I had finished my degree I transformed it into a sewing studio. It became the place where I spent most of my time, my children and my friends all preferred to relax in the shed! It was featured in Prima magazine, which was great fun.

  4. I love the thought of a garden room! Mine would be for sewing and crafting with a woodburner. All for me! Your review has got my mind in overdrive xx

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