Starry cushions & a reading list update

Just after Christmas I made a simple two-fabric cushion for Love Sewing magazine. I was delighted to see it appear in a little inset on the cover, when my mag arrived earlier in the week. Being on the cover NEVER gets old:

Front cover

And, as usual, the lovely Editor, Helen, has styled it so beautifully – I would love this simple white chair she’s used – what a great prop that would make in my photography corner:

Ohio Star cushionBefore I got started on my design for the magazine I did a prototype version of the cushion top, and finally got round to finishing it last week:

IMG_4516 IMG_4490

The beautiful Macaron fabric is by Yuwa, and I bought it from a favourite Etsy shop of mine, Nana Gracy. The dusty pink Essex linen is from my pal Gwen at Celtic Fusion Fabrics. I did a bit of machine quilting, but also did some hand quilting, using cotton perlé. I really enjoyed making these – I think they show that a couple of beautiful fabrics, used in a simple block, can make a really striking cushion.

A couple of people have asked about my progress with the Reading Challenge with Bringing Up Burns. If you missed it before, the aim is to read 26 books during the year, each book fitting a suggestion on this list. My first choice was a biography of Elizabeth Gaskell for the #Book with a Female Hero category – I have finally finished it, which means that I am already 2 weeks behind..!  Panicking a bit, I decided that I’d read an old favourite for the next book, something that I know I can finish at top speed:

Reading Challenge - Diary of a NobodyI could have used this for #Book I Have Read Before or #Book with Pictures, but as I have some others in mind for those categories, I decided to use it for #Book Written More than 10 Years Ago. I love this vintage Everyman paperback copy – makes it even more of a pleasure to ready about Charles and Carrie Pooter and their awful son Lupin (surely the best name in literature). It will certainly cheer up these cold February days. How are all you other readers doing out there? I am quite enjoying finding books to fit the themes – I made a great big order from Awesome Books the other day, but more about my choices when they arrive…



10 thoughts on “Starry cushions & a reading list update

  1. It is thrilling to see your projects in print, well done for also getting a prime spot on the front cover. I subscribe to love sewing, I think it is a great magazine and your projects look adorable. I particularly like the prototype, but then I adore pink!

  2. Congrats on being a cover star!!! I love the pink cushion and can see me having to go online to get some of the gorgeous fabrics used. It really is true that sometimes simple is best. x

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