Putting together a Promo Postcard

I hope you’ve seen my postcard competition? I haven’t had very many entries (yet?) so I thought I would encourage you a bit with some waffle about why promo postcards are A Good Thing.

I love sending postcards to customers along with their parcels, I think it’s a great use of my marketing budget; I hope it’s one of the things that helps me stand out from the crowd.  I also love to send a personal note to say thanks, and I know from my feedback that my customers appreciate that too.

I like to have 2 or 3 different styles of postcard on the go at once. This is the current ‘general promo’ card that I send out:

Current postcards

My aim with this card is to highlight the different sides of my business – fabric selling and sewing pattern design. I chose some of my favourite images of my makes and of my fabric collection. Top tip 1My main aim here is to give an idea of my style, to give customers an idea of all the stuff I do (some of my fabric customers wont know that I blog and write sewing tutorials for example), and also to give them a way of contacting me if they need or want to.

I used PicMonkey to create the postcard jpg file to send to printers.  This free image editing software (you can upgrade to a paid for version if you want the ‘Royale’ features) is really excellent, especially for creating collages, where you can compile images, and add text and overlays. I really recommend it if (like me!) you haven’t got fancy software like Photoshop.

Recently I’ve also started to order a more general postcard, ready to post out with craft swaps, or to to send along with parcels to regular customers who have received all my other cards, and must be totally sick of them…! I like to have more that one of these on the go at once. I like to use pictures of something I have made, or if I can, something from my home town/area – I think this is especially good to include when I’m sending swaps. Here’s my most recent version – after mentioning it last week, I couldn’t resist getting one of my old ATCs printed up as a postcard. I splashed out an extra fiver and got them printed up on the back too.

Comps postcards

Top tip 2I shop around for good deals on postcards – I usually manage to get mine for between 20p and 25p per card (cheaper than a gift card!). I have used MOO, Goodprint and myprint247 – all with excellent results.  In the past I have also printed postcards myself, using plain index cards – they make a really good economy option.

Most online printers are really simple to use, it is just a question of making sure your image file is the right size and allowing for the bleed. These dimensions will always be listed on the printer’s website. It sounds hideous, but the bleed is just the area that will be trimmed off once your postcard is printed, so you need to make sure that there is no essential part of your image, and none of your text, is outside the smaller measurement that is listed for the card.

So why not have a think about how you’d promote your business on a postcard…I’d love to see your designs if you’d like to enter the competition.



7 thoughts on “Putting together a Promo Postcard

  1. Lovely idea! I have been meaning to make a sort of Thank You postcard for a while, but haven’t sat and put my thinking cap on yet… I’m one of the people who’s received a card from you and I should say the recipe on the back proved quite useful! 🙂

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