A stitchy weekend

I got to do a bit of stitching at the weekend – I haven’t had much of a chance recently – and it was lovely to get the sewing machine going and have a dig around in my fabric stash. The reason for this stitching? Well, a long time ago I made an online pal a crochet hook wrap:



I always wonder how well my makes stand up over the years, so it is very reassuring when someone comes back to me for something else. My friend asked me if I would make a wrap for her daughter – I was so pleased, and so delighted that she is passing on her crochet skills to her little girl.

Very fortunately, because I couldn’t find my project notes for the original version (see how efficient I am!) from back in 2012, I have recently written a crochet wrap pattern for a book that’s coming out next year.  Here’s how it looks inside. Lots of pockets, little and large…with a space for scissors too.





The raspberry coloured lining is a shot cotton from Kaffe Fassett, and the spotty linen is by Sevenberry in a shade called Heather. That lovely cross hatch is from (of course) Carolyn Friedlander’s glorious Architextures collection.

Here’s how the wrap folds. It’s the first time I’d made this pattern using patchwork sections – I love the way it panned out. I like to make a nice distinction between the patchwork and the main fabric, so I used my own tutorial to remind me how to insert some more of the shot cotton in the seam (that’s the real advantage of formally writing tutorials and patterns…. I can’t lose them…).



Here’s the wrap all finished. I really hope the recipient enjoys it and finds as much fun in crochet as I have over the last few years.



Over the next couple of days I will have the sewing machine on overtime, making a stocking for another online friend… I made one each for her 3 boys a couple of years back, and she now has another gorgeous little boy… so another stocking is required!  Just hope I can get it to match – guess what, I can’t find my original project notes!!

Anyone want a job as my secretary?

5 thoughts on “A stitchy weekend

  1. Beautiful crochet hook wrap, Ali! It’s so perfect…

    I can offer my services as your secretary, and if you’ll do the same for me, we can make sure we’ll always be losing project notes and To Do lists, but at least we wouldn’t be alone! 😀

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