Liberty Lawn Giveaway: Very Berry Fabrics in Advent

If you hadn’t noticed, every day I am opening a new window on the Very Berry Fabrics Advent Calendar and revealing a lovely festive treat! Today I wanted to do something to celebrate the season of thoughtful gifts with a giveaway with a difference…

So here it is!Β Advent promotion day 11

The prize is a bundle of 6 mini-singles (9″x12″) pieces of Liberty Lawn of your choice from my current stock (on Folksy, or on Etsy). AND the winner will also nominate a friend to receive a second bundle of their choice.


  • This is a quick little giveaway – I will do the draw this time tomorrow (12 December 7pm GMT), before the next Advent offer window opens.
  • All you need to be in with a chance to win is to leave a comment about the ups and downs of gift giving (or a ‘yes please’ will always suffice!).
  • The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, so don’t let that stop you. Good luck!

Liberty main

97 thoughts on “Liberty Lawn Giveaway: Very Berry Fabrics in Advent

  1. The idea of spending money on something the receiver truly wants and will use/enjoy totally stresses me out. A few Christmases ago, I started a tradition of buying gifts and wrapping without names. There was one for each of my girls and their significant other. They drew numbers, drew gifts, or ‘stole’ a gift already opened. I’ve tried to make them good or fun gifts that they would actually like.That has been fun.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Liberty fabric is precious!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Would love to make all my pressies, made a few last year and they weren’t bad. Next year need to start in January and think carefully about what to make for whom. Teenage girls are not the easiest as they are all designer made, so the ups are when the present is right and the downs are worrying about it, at the end of the day it SHOULD be the thought that counts?

  3. Yes, please! πŸ˜‰
    One down of giving is my procrastination. In November and December I suddenly see ALL the things I need to make for my loved ones. Too bad I don’t have the motivation to knit and sew much, much earlier in the year and end up scrambling at the end and only give a few small homemade gifts. 2015 resolution! :-p

  4. Gift giving is fine, if you have a list and can find the items. No ideas, can’t find anything – night mare.

  5. the biggest down is a brother, who, whatever he is given, even by request, will change the gift. Everyone else’s reaction is an UP

  6. Ahh… Think my comment went out in cyberspace…grr…
    Well what I said…was…YES YES and yes… I love to receive and to give gifts….it makes my heart sing… So would love to win this just to be able to give a special treat to my friend Shirley who have done so much for me…and thanks to her I am so much more me today than three years ago… And distance is no problem…she lives in GB and I in Sweden…. Hurray to friendship!!

  7. I always say I’m going to be organised and get all my shopping done early. In reality I’m always rushing around at the last minute finishing the shopping off!

  8. Sometimes finding the perfect gift to give can be hard but I love giving that perfect little thing so I can bring a smile to their face. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I love gift giving! Even better is making something to be gifted!! I am doing a lot of that this year and can’t wait for Christmas to come!

  10. I wish I had more little girls in the family as I always see so many lovely things to make for them as presents. Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  11. “That’s nice…. what is it?” was a response to giving over gloves last year to some elderly ladies we struggle to buy for. I now struggle to make for them as well (and forget baking for them, they complain about cholesterol…).

  12. First, Thank you soooo much for this amazing giveaway!! I think that every quilter in the world die for some Liberty prints! The ups of giving handmade works is that the people that receive them, when look at them, will remember specifically us and will feel all the love that we put in the gift! And if I win, I nominate my mom, that would love to receive it!

  13. I love to make things to give to people, the problem I have is finding something I think they would really like. I usually have to take a long time to decide on the right thing to make, so I often give gifts a lot later than I had planned.

  14. The ups are accidentally doing most of your Christmas shopping in one fell swoop when you happen across perfect presents for lots of people as you walk through a shop on your way to somewhere else. The downs are realising that you’ve still got three ‘tricky’ people to buy for and you have no idea what to get them…

  15. I love giving presents more than receiving them. The big up is the look on people’s faces when they open their parcels and the down is the last minute rush to finish the item on time. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!! Pati x

  16. I went to a function with Kris Kringle gifts on Monday. Each of us provided a gift and one of the ladies forgot to bring hers. So she bought a bottle of wine on the way and said whoever received it could choose to keep the bottle of wine or swap it later for the gift she left at home. We passed the gifts around the table until the music stopped and guess who got the bottle of wine? The downside is that I am a tee-totaller. The upside was that one of the other ladies swapped gifts with me and I liked the gift that I received second time around. πŸ™‚

  17. My handmade giving took a battering last year, with a few ‘is this it?’ comments – back to the high street this year! Oh, and … yes please!

  18. I love making gifts for people but always run out of time so end up making a mad dash for the shops or burning the midnight oil at the sewing machine…..when will I learn!?! Love Liberty and would live to win!

  19. I love buying or making presents for close friends, they are so easy to do. The down side is doing presents for men as I find them tougher to choose something different that they would actually like and use.Thanks for a great giveaway.I love making gifts myself but the other downside is that some people think you are ‘cheap’ if you give them hand made gift, they don’t appreciate time and effort.

  20. I am so in love with this fabric. It is wonderful. I love giving homemade gifts. Only occasionally do people not like something I make.

  21. I think the ups and downs are summed up best in my daughter’s experience– sometimes it seems like the time and effort are not reciprocated in gift giving, but then somebody turns around and makes you a gift better than any you could imagine :*)

  22. The ups is finding the perfect gift for someone and see it reflected in his smile; the downs is when you put effort in choosing something that you think it’s perfect gift and you realize that the person didn’t really like it ahahah

  23. Beautiful giveaway. Honestly one of the downs is finding room for more ‘stuff’ that’s given when I’d rather enjoy spending time with people or going out to dinner and a movie.

  24. The Up’s is that giving always feels good. The down is when you can’t afford to give like you would like to. Have a wonderful day!

  25. Always looking on the positive side….the upside of giving a hand-made item is that I enjoyed making it and putting love into it. Watching the recipient’s face is often priceless when the gift is opened.

  26. The giving is always fun, but the thinking of what to get is not always so easy. Thanks for the giveaway, can one ever have too much Liberty?

  27. When I ask, what would you like for Christmas? I don’t want to hear, I haven’t got a clue. Tell me pleeeeeease! Lol the best thing is getting huge hugs from my girls to say thank you.

  28. Ups – giving is always fun! Downs – not enough time to finish (or start) all the gifts I want to sew! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  29. Hi, Thanks for the great giveaway. The fabric is so pretty. I love making gifts so that is the up and the down is I simply run out of time and usually have to rush to the store to buy something. So it goes. πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas and thanks again. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

  30. I’m happy about gift giving but gift receiving is a different matter. This year my family decided to give each other lists of things we wanted. I forwarded mine to the other members of my family and had my wish for fabric rejected by all! I really don’t know why running top and earrings are fine but fat quarter bundle isn’t!

  31. Oh, a lovely giveaway and a nice treat for a friend too. I get very nervous deciding on gifts for people. This year I’m just finishing maternity leave so pennies are scarce so I’m hoping people will like my more thoughtful handmade gifts. A definite ‘up’ is seeing my wee ones excited about santa. So magical.

  32. Yes please would love to win this beautiful fabric! Although I must tell you having all teen age grandchildren the do love Gift Cards and makes my life easy!

  33. I love the ups because finding or making just the right gift for the right person is such a joy. The downs are having to find something for someone who just doesn’t want or need anything! Tricky. Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  34. I love making things for others. I do sometimes worry that they won’t apericiate the work that has gone into making it.
    Love Liberty, so would love to win this

  35. The ups is when you know you have found the perfect gift for someone you love and the downs… Buying something in a hurry just because you have to buy it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I’ll give you an up of gift giving. Buying my husband a hearty stack of CDs that I want. And he buys me hearty stack that he wants. Perfect.

  37. I think you need to know someone really well to buy them a gift they will appreciate. You need a lot of inspiration and time to get the best gift. I’d nominate my Mum for the 2nd fabric bundle. Thank you for today’s prize.

  38. The ups are when you find or make the perfect gift. The down is having a teenage son…. Need I say more! My SIL Liz M says she would nominate me. I would nominate her for many reasons including the mat she made me from Liberty hexies which got me back into sewing after many years and reignited a passion! That was a real gift.

  39. Yes Please! There are many ups and downs of gift giving its so hard to get it right it takes ages to find the right item – thank goodness for the internet!

  40. I really try to put a lot of thought into my present giving and I feel sad when my gift is not happily received. However I am thrilled when I get it right and also when I receive a gift that is very thoughtful and totally “me”. Thanks for the chance to win and I know exactly who would love to receive a gift of Liberty Lawn.

  41. Yes please. The downs are deciding what to buy and the ups are the smiles when you have got it right! Thanks for the chance.

  42. Down side there are to many things to pick from, the up side is to buy or make things you know what people like if you have a crafty family they usually give a hint to you and say oh I like that .

  43. The downs of giving are few but there is always the worry that the friend or relative doesn’t appreciate the time & devotion that you’ve given to finding or making the perfect gift for them. I still love to give gifts. The up is the look of sheer joy & appreciation when you get it right!

  44. I like to give home-made but am often put off doing so because I’m not sure that the recipient will like or appreciate the time and effort that has gone into creating something individual. True friends love whatever you give them tho’.

  45. It’s always tricky to find something that the recipient will enjoy! Hobby people are easy, but what about the crowd who mainly enjoy shopping and TV? Plus, in the perfect world I would like to make so many great gifts for so many people, but I would have to start work 5 years previous… How do you choose who gets something and who doesn’t?

  46. I always love giving handmade gifts but sometimes but too much pressure on myself – its lovely to see people enjoying them but a lot of stress! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  47. The downs are too many ideas for the time allowed and the ups are the sheer pleasure I get from making something that I know will be,appreciated.

  48. I like to give presents that I would like to receive and this is the up of giving .
    The down I am never sure if some appreciate it, but I don’t mind as I like to search for gifts as well as to make some. Thanks for the giveaway.

  49. My brother realising and appreciating last year that it took a lot of time to make his gift and a friend of mine helped with the sewing.

  50. The down – I never start making the gifts early enough in the year to make all that I’d like to! The ups- I love wrapping and mailing what I made.

  51. What an awesome giveaway – I much prefer giving to receiving, but if i won I’d nominate my SIL Helen who shares my obsession with Liberty Lawn!

  52. Yes please! I love Liberty. The ups of giving is making someone happy with your gift, the downs is when they don’t appreciate it! Thanks for the chance.

  53. As long as you get the chance to please others then it’s always ups in my book. Thanks for yet another wonderful giveaway.

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