Dragonfly Fabrics Giveaway!

I have a little pre-Christmas treat for you – the lovely folks at Dragonfly Fabrics have taken on the guise of Father Christmas’s Elves and have come up with some wonderful prizes for Very Berry readers – hurrah and ho ho ho!

Dragonfly Fabrics - Designer Dressmaking Fabrics

Dragonfly have a brilliant range of fabrics aimed towards enthusiastic dressmakers, including cottons, cotton jersey and linen. At this time of year (it is freezing here today!) the wonderful range of boiled wool fabric is very appealing. I love the gorgeous range of rich colours.

There’s plenty to interest non-dressmaking sewers (like me!) out there too. Dragonfly stocks fabrics by designers such as Anna Maria HornerHeather RossLeah Duncan and from eco-cottons from Westfalenstoffe too. The linen collection includes Robert Kaufman Essex linen and Brussels Washer too, great news for us linen/Liberty fanatics. This lovely little bundle includes fabrics from Westfalenstoffe with coordinating linens. I see Christmas stockings!

Dragonfly, as you would expect from dressmaking specialists, also stock a great range of sewing patterns, and a small but well chosen stock of haberdashery, and dress linings too – everything an enthusiast is going to need to get started.

But you want to know what Santa’s Elves have brought, right?

The Prizes:

1st Prize: £30 voucher to spend on anything at all at Dragonfly
2nd Prize: £20 voucher to spend on anything at Dragonfly
3 and 4th Prize: A Small/Medium fabric bundle of your choice from Dragonfly

The Rules:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post – the folks at Dragonfly are interested in how much social media influences your fabric/sewing buying, and whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blogs that are more of an interest. Tell us all about that for one entry.
  • Like Dragonfly Fabrics on Facebook and leave a second comment to say that you have done so (or tell us that you are already a FB liker).
  • The giveaway is open to readers around the world, but there will be an extra postage charge to any winners outside Europe.
  • I will be doing in the draw for the prizes on Wednesday 10th December (in the afternoon!), so as long as you get your comments left before then, you will be in with a chance of winning.

A Bonus Voucher Code:

The Elves have been particularly generous – there is also 20% off all orders at Dragonfly until 1 week after the giveaway has finished (so until 17 December 2014) with code DEC14.

Good luck! 

97 thoughts on “Dragonfly Fabrics Giveaway!

  1. I’m a blogger, so I tend to find things through blogs. I do use twitter for work things, but not crafty stuff. I don’t use Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram (yet)

  2. I love the fabrics. I usually do a Web search when looking for a particular fabric or ask on one of the Facebook craft groups i belong to

  3. With fabrics I need to see pictures so it’s blogs and Instagram for me. I like to think social media doesn’t influence me but I think it does in a way, all of those lines that were shown on Instagram shown at quilt market for example have sewn the seed of what I want to buy in 2015 already!

  4. I’m useless with social media but like dipping in & out of blogs so that’s where I get my inspiration….& very berry handmade’s is lovely!

  5. I use blogs as my main inspiration for fabric shopping and it really helps when people using a particular fabric line put a link to a supplier they have used. Don’t really use Facebook for crafting and no use of Instragram as yet!

  6. I have to say it’s blogs and Instagram for me, I never use Facebook and only use Twitter to post my blog posts and the very occasional share. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Oh I’m just not with it!! (I blame childbirth!) I’m already a liker of yours on Facebook!! And I’m now a liker of Dragonfly fabrics too! Win win!! X

  8. I am regularly inspired by fabric and projects in Facebook, I”m not so good at following blogs but will follow links to pages on blogs. I love Pinterest for inspiration and links too. I was directed here via very berry handmade when a post popped up in my news feed so I’ve popped over to your Facebook page and liked for the sake of this fab giveaway but also for info from you on my newsfeed. Thanks a very lot xxx

  9. I use Facebook the most, I do follow some blogs but mainly only look at those that I subscribe via email. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Lovely fabrics! I use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and it is probably FB where I see most of the things that end up on my Fabric and Haberdashery Wishlist board on Pinterest or, when I can justify it, stacked up on the fabric shelves in my workroom! There are some blogs I follow by email (including this one) and that also triggers my fabric alert.

  11. I subscribe to 100+ blogs through Bloglovin. I find them a great source of inspiration for fabric choices and patterns. I use Facebook and Twitter too but don’t tend to follow too many bloggers/suppliers.

  12. It’s great to read your blog and great to have the chance to win…any fabrics, gratefully received 🙂
    Thank you

  13. I have never used Facebook, Instagram, and I don’t intend to; I don’t have enough space in my life right now. I LOVE reading blogs, and comment when the subject is important to me or I feel a connection with the blogger. I do not feel that I am influenced to buy via social media, but then I don’t buy fabric in general; I use scraps. If I were to buy, though, it would be the blogs, and the women who create beautiful things with the fabrice who would influence my fabric choices. I have been seriously tempted to buy after seeing it in use.

  14. Inspiration and tutorials from Pinterest, FB and blogs.. . Following Dragonfly fabrics on FB. Fingers crossed.

  15. For me FB groups are a huge influence, when I see patterns made up in fabric I love, I will try to find that fabric or something similar! I also love reading sewing blog posst and get lots of fabric inspiration there too!

  16. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook but I do follow a number of blogs…I often end up buying fabric or yarn I see on them!!

  17. I love reading blogs, and am often inspired to track down the fabrics bloggers have used. I also follow fabric shop blogs on feedly, to watch out for special offers, and always room for more inspiration! I don’t use other social media.

  18. I like facebook and blogs. The blogs are great for tutorials and long posts with lots of pictures, while facebook is great for announcements.

  19. I read blogs and am on Twitter and it’s nice to know what’s available but I’ll only buy something I’ve read about on SM if I need it anyway. I love blogs for the story of both the quilter and their quilting (I’m not really interested in seeing one photo of a finish with no process or progress photos, etc.) and Twitter for the conversations with other quilters, etc. but do feel that blogs have suffered since IG became available…

  20. I read blogs mostly, and that’s where I get most inspiration. I do follow a number of people/shops on FB and I tend to use that as a way to find out whats new.

  21. I like to read blogs but to buy fabrics I tend to visit fabric/quilt shops and go every year to festival of quilts where I get my inspiration.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Facebook & blogs are my source of inspiration (and temptation) most of the time for fabrics. My next sewing inspiration would be from Pinterest 🙂
    dieni.rachmawaty at gmail dot com

  23. Blogs are my social media of choice. It’s where I pick up new designs and ideas, color choices and new fabrics. Love them all!

  24. Social media is a big influence in my fabric buying fabrics. I get easily swayed by a stunning photo of a fabric collection and often buy after seeing something on social media.

  25. I go on Facebook most days and have a few fabric shops that I follow so I can see when there are special offers and new fabrics have arrived. I find it really useful as I don’t have a local fabric shop and therefore buy all my fabric online.

  26. Being a long time blogger I’ve seen a change in people’s habits.. Blogs are something people look but the interaction and conversation of them is on the decline. People find it too laborious to leave a reader to comment, however instagram is just the opposite in that it is just that in an instant. You can snap a picture and share and idea and people can react immediately.. That’s how I found out about the giveaway.. But the time I will read this in feedly the giveaway will be over. Blogs are more like a website now… I’ve been on instagram for a couple of months and feel that’s where the community is.

  27. It would be blogs that have the biggest influence on me. Usually it’s seeing a pattern made up and liking the garment and then looking for my own fabric to make it. I also bookmarked a great post by one blogger on good online fabric shops in the uk (I don’t have many good fabric shops locally) so would refer to it.

  28. I never read facebook anymore because of all of the ads! But I do most of my shopping from blog sponsor posts and pattern viewing on instagram!! Thanks Kerri for introducing us to this awesome shop!!! XX!

  29. In terms of fabric shop/ business related social media I quite seriously dislike Facebook (many reasons) and prefer to read blogs or look at items made/inspiration posts on Instagram or Flickr, What I really appreciate in a shop blog are practical “what solids go with” posts or behind the scenes stuff, it doesn’t have to be fancy- just useful or inspirational to draw me to the shop.

  30. HI, I follow some Quilter Blogs, FB and use Blog lovin’!
    (username is lindadouglas35)
    Thanks for sharing a neat giveaway!

  31. I mostly read blogs for tips on new fabrics and what to use them for. I subscribe to a few newsletters too from the shops I’m really keen on. I’ve had my eye on the boiled wool at dragonfly for a while but as I’m only just starting with dressmaking I’ve been sticking with cheaper fabrics just in case I make a mess!

  32. Blogs are my go-to for ideas and inspiration, but I don’t like them if they are just full of sponsor information and most obviously just blogging for companies. I like blogs such as yours which have lots of ideas and yet I know you are also running your own business. Don’t much like FB because it is continually bombarding me with unwanted ads. Don’t use Twitter or Instagram but I collect ideas in Pinterest.

  33. I have got a Facebook account but have never used it to find or buy sewing fabric or haberdashery (I will go and “like” in Facebook in a minute though!) I usually find online fabric shops through blogs like Very Berry and I usually sign up for shop newsletters when available which pop into the inbox at intervals, sometimes via Bloglovin. Probably like lots of people I really value online shops which sell pretty fabrics, as I live in the country, far away from a big town, so the internet and its many useful and helpful sewing blogs has been a real blessing.


  34. I love blogs and am truly inspired by them. I look at Facebook but don’t use Instagram or Twitter. I have some of the lovely Westfalenstof Forest fabric and hope to make something with it before Christmas!

  35. I do look at blogs and find inspiration there, but avoid facebook and twitter etc. A good retailer website is also key, and Dragonfly are on the ‘good list’!

  36. I mostly read blogs and follow some on Facebook. I find Pinterest gives me the most leads on finding fabric and inspiration. great giveaway. Have like on Dragonfly on FB

  37. I check my facebook everyday. It’s probably the best thing to catch me on.
    Just nipped over and liked the Dragonfly fabrics. Lovely site. Not one I’ve come across before.

  38. I don’t have Instagram or Twitter. I rarely use Facebook. My main inspiration comes from Pinterest, where I find useful links to blogs and people/groups I now follow. Hope this is helpful.☺️

  39. I am always reading blogs that have caught my eye. I do not use facebook very often and have never used twitter. One day I may subscribe to Instagram. Thanks for the chance.

  40. When I have time I read a lot of blogs and gain most of my inspiration from there – shops that others recommend, new fabric lines I see appearing etc. After that it’s facebook but I tend to follow bloggers and fabric designers/companies more than I do individual shops (unless it’s a shop I buy from or intend to buy from) and again am influenced or should I say inspired by what I see. I do like to browse on Instagram and do follow a range of shops, bloggers and individuals there, but I rarely if ever regram stuff. I don’t use Twitter and have no intention of ever doing so.

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