Oh Comely Perfect Strangers Project

I pick up Oh Comely magazine now and again, and always find it a good read, and although sometimes the articles and features are a bit over-quirky for me, the writing and photography are always lovely and it generally has a calming ‘isn’t the world a nice place’ effect on me, which is definitely a good thing (anyone else get stressed reading lifestyle magazines?!).  When I read about their Perfect Strangers Swap Project, I really had to join in…. I was paired with a lovely person who lives on the Isle of Man (a great start!), who sent me the most lovely parcel of goodies, including some Isle of Man rock – instant flashbacks to seaside funfairs in Wales for me!  I was so pleased at the time and trouble that my partner had spent choosing and wrapping my parcel. She got it so right!

Oh Comely swap 4

Because my partner is a student of graphic design, I thought she might appreciate some texty fabric and a new pencil case:

Oh Comely swap 2

Fabric fans will spot the awesomely trendy Cotton & Steel fabrics featuring heavily here! And I used the tool case pattern from Lola Nova’s lovely book Simple Sewing – one of the most useful sewing books I own.

Oh Comely swap 1


And I sent tea – everyone needs tea at this time of year (I am a huge fan of Pukka teas – my husband mocks my ‘Wall of Pukka’ in the cupboard, but you’ve got to have a choice when you fancy a herb tea, haven’t you?). I also knew that my partner is a vintage bike fan – so I also thought she might like the lovely card from Birds on Bikes.

My parcel has arrived safely and my partner is happy. Such a positive experience – I do love swaps when they go well!

2 thoughts on “Oh Comely Perfect Strangers Project

  1. Swaps are always good fun when they work out. The pencil case is absolutely gorgeous, love the colours. I am a herbal tea lover too and will look out for these. x

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