Charming Liberty! A mega giveaway…

*********Giveaway now closed – will be announcing the winner later on this evening!**************

I’ve had a couple of quick mini-giveaways on my Very Berry Fabrics Facebook page recently, but it is definitely time to spread the Liberty Love a bit more with a blog giveaway too. And I do have a reason – it’s time to test out my new business purchases of course..

I’ve had a couple of nice paydays recently, and have invested some of that hard-earned cash in some new dies for my Sizzix Bigshot. I got a larger sized hexie die (this one is 1.5″ – I already have 1″ and 1.25″ options) and a cutter to create teeny 1.5″ (1″ finished size) squares – I am hoping to have Liberty fabric packs made using these dies available in my Folksy and Etsy shops really soon – I’ll keep you posted!

I need a bigger table!!

I’ve also invested a rather terrifying XL die to cut four 5″ (4.5″ finished size) squares all at once. I don’t think I realised when I bought it that it is about 24″ long (how I didn’t work that out, what with it being simple maths and all, I don’t really know). It was a bit of surprise when I opened the parcel! This is hopefully going to make life much easier when it comes to putting together my 5″ Liberty square quilt packs (available on Folksy and also on Etsy) and for my Liberty Quilt Club packs.

So to celebrate all these new arrivals and to give myself an excuse to play with the new gadgets, I am giving away a Liberty Quilt Club Membership.  But what *is* that exactly? Basically, what happens with the quilt club is that you receive a pack of twenty 5″ squares each month for either 7 months or 4 months, ending up with either 140 or 80 squares in total. You can use your squares to make one of these beautiful quilts which Jess (of The Elven Garden) designed especially for the packs:

…or there’s 1000’s of charm square pack ideas out there on the web, if you want to do something different – how about this fab list on Pinterest for starters.

The Rules

For the giveaway, the prize is 1 seven month membership to the Liberty Quilt Club – hurrah! – you will receive 140 Liberty squares absolutely free! The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere, so join in and tell your friends!

  • For a first chance to win, leave a comment on this blog post, telling me what you’d do with the fabric if you won (and the answer can certainly be ‘stash it’!)
  • For a second chance to win, follow Very Berry Fabrics on Facebook and LEAVE A SECOND COMMENT on the blog post to let me know that you have clicked that all important Like button!
  • For a third chance to win, please sign up to my newsletter… and LEAVE A THIRD COMMENT on this post to let me know..

The draw will be made next Tuesday evening (11 November), and any entries made before I do the draw will be eligible. The winner will be announced on the 11th.

Good Luck!

269 thoughts on “Charming Liberty! A mega giveaway…

  1. Hope I’ve got in in time! Although having won your last giveaway it seems somewhat greedy to be entering – but hey ho! If I won, I would put them together with my other Liberty scraps I have accumulated over the years and see if I have enough to make a double sized quilt, with vintage linen aswell, for our bed 🙂 x

  2. I’d be more than happy just oohing and aahing over it for ages, and then I would probably spend hours and hours…and days… and weeks on very important and most enjoyable pondering! Eventually, of course, I’d make something fabulous 🙂

  3. I would make a quilt, I have a few different ideas for charm quilts that I would like to try and these would defintiely work wonderfully for those. Thanks for a really amazing giveaway.

  4. 1. commenting now 😀
    2. “Like” under my name
    3. signed up for the newsletter
    4. will also “Like” as Quilters & Patchworkers Dunedin [I run the fb page 🙂 ]

  5. I have been stalking your blog for a while but now you’ve tempted me to leave a comment in the hope of winning this lovely prize. I would combine the squares with some plain creamy ones to make a snuggle quilt for when my knees get cold in my sewing cave. Thanks x

  6. Liberty fabrics are too good to hide away. I would make cushions then the whole world (or whoever comes to my house!) would see them.

  7. These are so beautiful! Hummm.. I would love to make a snuggle quilt for on cold evenings for my husband and I, or a baby quilt for my new niece… so many wonderful choices!

  8. Can I ask how easily your die cutter cuts the fabric. I tried doing a little bit and the cuts weren’t brilliant. Do you back it or anything?

  9. After a monumental struggle – *stash it/ create with it* kind of conflict, I would indulge in making a quilt for my son and his lovely girlfriend for their new apartment. Have also liked your FB page 🙂

  10. I would sew Liberty quilts for my daughters so they grow up loving Liberty fabric as much as I do! If there were any left I would love to make a hexie bag and pouch for myself too!

  11. Fabulous. Club membership for 4 or 7 months would definitely make me get my rear in gear. I would be using the charm squares for lap quilts for friends and family birthdays or special events in their lives. Thank you so much for the chance at a 7 month membership and fabric and pattern. Hooah!

  12. What a lovely prize! I think I would split the charms between sewing up into hexies and sewing into Fancy Fox faces for a lovely quilt. Would there be anything left to stash? 😛

  13. I would have to stash it for a while as my chances of sewing with a newborn are slim! However I would use the squares as the basis for making inchies, as they are fast becoming my new obsession…

  14. I have a few liberty fabrics and have been wanting a project….your giveaway would get me started…if I could part with the gorgeous fabrics that is!!

  15. Mmmm how lovely. I think I would make something for the campervan, some nice linen and liberty print table mats and some matching cushions or a mini quilt. A little liberty print goes along way so the possibilities are endless. Thank you for the chance to win xx

  16. This would be awesome to win! I’ve been working on a giant scrappy EPP hexie quilt for years now and this fabric would be perfect. I wish I hadn’t made the hexies so small. This thing would’ve been finished LONG ago 😉

  17. I actually love the layout of your quilt! Though I think I would let the charms sit for a while until I had decided how to use them. A quilt or some zippered pouches I think.

  18. I’d make cute little purses and pouches with some natural linen thrown in too. I love the look of liberty prints and linen together.

  19. I would add them to a precious few Liberty Lawn squares that I have and make a purse and a pillow. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  20. What an excellent idea…a monthly, pre-arranged stash of fabric…would love to do so much with the blocks….let me think….

  21. I’d be over the moon to win some lovely Liberty! It would sit happily in my little Liberty stash so I could admire it for a while then I think a patchwork lap quilt would be the way forward 🙂

  22. What a lovely giveaway! I’ve used some of your Liberty hexies and love the feel of the fabric. I would make a lap quilt for the sofa to snuggle up with my dogs.

  23. You’ve introduced me to a world of beautiful Liberty in my home, as a beginner i’m all all about the cushion applique at the moment, but would love to make a small quilt for my new niece.

  24. Me please! After stroking it for a while I would attempt to make myself a quilt. If the pattern is as good as your others it should be really easy to follow.

  25. Wow, I wouldn’t be able to use it for awhile if I won it. I’ve never seen liberty fabric in person before. So “stash it” would be the right answer for me!

  26. Oh what a fabulous giveaway Ali! It would be such a treat to win this – a bundle of Liberty loveliness arriving each month for seven months, heaven! I would definitely make a quilt with it.

  27. I’ve only recently learned of Liberty Fabrics, as you can’t find them in my neck of the woods. I am now obsessed with their beautiful fabrics! I love to make doll and mini quilts, so that’s what I would do with them. 🙂

  28. Holy smokes! What an awesome giveaway! I’d definitely stash them ALL and get them out and take lots of pictures. Then I’d make table runners and pillows for me and a few special friends and then incorporate any remainders into some sort of quilt…

  29. If I won this fabric, it would firstly be admired and fondled! I love to just display it on a table and enjoy its beauty. Then it would be made into a lovely quilt for my home.

  30. I would have to “pet” it for a very long time and would most likely sleep with it under my pillow. Before it is threadbare from a ll the loving, I would either make Hexie flowers or a small quilt.

  31. This is so very generous from you!! I’ve never had any piece of Liberty in my hands. I’ll surely admire and pet them for some time, before cutting them into tiny squares, to make them last even more! LOL

  32. I would just swoon over that many Liberty squares! And I would joyfully admire them until I had enough for a lap quilt. Thanks for the Pinterest link! The friendship star looks intriguing. And thanks for this wonderfully generous giveaway!

  33. I’m already collecting little bits of Liberty to make my mum a special quilt for a special birthday. So I know exactly what I’d do with the squares if I was lucky enough to win.

  34. What a super lovely giveaway! I will certainly pet them fir a while and keep them in the company of my other liberty fabric I cannot dare to cut into… But then as the are already cut I will probably make the lovely quilt!

  35. Those squares are like little jewels, so many possibilities spring to mind. I think I already get newsletter but I’m signing up again just in case !!

  36. I would love to use the Liberty fabrics for my latest addiction which is English Paper Pieced hexagons!

  37. I am in the final stages of finishing my masters and have so many sewing plans once I can regain some sewing time – the Liberty Quilt Club would ba a perfect way to do this – not to mention I love Liberty Fabrics

  38. Ohhh I think the club sounds like a great idea. What fun. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve also listed your giveaway on my Giveaway List for sewers & quilters at Thanks again.

  39. I would probably say I would make the quilt, (and it would be my first quilt). Otherwise I would end up stashing it and keep getting it out to look at, if made the quilt could use and get to see the pretty fabrics all the time! 🙂

  40. What a fantastic giveaway, thank you. For years I have wanted to make a quilt so I would use these to start one then buy another pack or two to complete it. I will have a beautiful quilt on my bed! x

  41. I would make a granny squares quilt, just made one for a friend and really want one for me now! Thanks for the chance.

  42. What an awesome giveaway. Do I have to sew with the Liberty or could I just pet it instead? haha. I would definitely work on a new quilt top. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Wow thats a fantastic prize. Just need instructions on how to make a quilt as beautiful as the one in photo:-)

  44. Well, after stroking it and stashing it for a while, I’d look at it adoringly
    and make a quilt that gave the impression of being floaty and feminine.

  45. I’d hug it for while, tell myself it’s too lovely to use then make a rainbow quilt to snuggle under on a miserable day x

  46. What a wonderful and generous giveaway!! I would definitely make a quilt or two for my girls. Thanks so much, Pati xx

  47. I would love to try to make some simple little quilted blankets to go with my own handmade crochet bears who need a cosy cuddle blanket. Adorable patterns give inspiration just looking at them. Thanks for a fab giveaway.

  48. another giveaway contest! YAY membership! YAY for easy blankets to fill one with Joy… I “liked” on FB” too.. signed up for the newsletter.. everything.. my machine is ready… I will make things and use them and share them joyfully… pin cushions and wallets and toys for all!

  49. That is such a lovely & generous giveaway! Depending on which colours they’d come in (mixed or colour themed) I’d make a lap quilt, either a block a month or waiting to mix 2 months into larger blocks (I do have a little Liberty from your shop still waiting to become something wonderful, so I can mix it up). I have this arm chair for knitting in and I always get cold legs, so a middlin’ sized liberty quilt would be perfect!
    x Bettina

  50. OOOHHH Liberty Quilt Club! It would be so fun to win something, to make a small blanket to cozy with and extend my happy times in the messy overcrowded needing organizing studio space…

  51. Well, I would stroke it, fold it, love it and then maybe make something eventually….. I Would love to make a small quilt.

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