A Catch Up!

I have been so busy!! The fact that I managed only 3 or 4 measly blog posts during October (and probably even less in September!) is testament to that. If you buy Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine you will have seen some of the stuff I have been up to over recent months… My Starry Christmas Stockings were ON THE COVER!! – this is without doubt the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I started out with this sewing and fabric malarkey:

LPQ Cover Girl



I always blown away by how wonderfully the gorgeous people at LPQ style my stuff to make it look so fabulous. I can’t tell you how what a buzz I get from it.  More importantly, I have also had some lovely feedback from a stitcher on Instagram letting me know that my pattern is straightforward to follow – which is fantastic to know – it’s so important to me that my work is clear and comprehensible. (By the way, the 3 stockings pictured are for sale – check out my Facebook page for details).

Issue 14 is a bit full of me because I also made a quilt, cushion and pincushion using the winning fabric from the LPQ Spoonflower competition. Again my makes have been styled so beautifully:



I loved working with these sweet fabrics designed by Erin (Badger&Bee on Spoonflower) – although it was a bit nerve-wracking because I hadn’t worked on such a large project for a magazine before. Fortunately it all came together without any major drama, and I was really pleased with the way that my simple design brought the best out of these boldly coloured fabrics.

It is something else to go into WHSmiths (other newsagents are available) and see something you designed and made on the front of a magazine. I have been moving copies of LPQ to the front of all the displays. 😉  Thanks to the folks at Love Patchwork and Quilting for this fab opportunity, especially Jen & Alice, who aare endlessly patient with my stressy ways!

I have a spare copy of Issue 14 of LPQ if anyone would like it? Just leave a comment if you would – if there is more than one of you I will use Mr Random to choose who gets it at 7pm (GMT) Sunday 2nd. Happy to post overseas.

***Just a quick update to say that I’ve done a draw to see who gets my spare copy of the magazine, and Abigail was the winner – sorry to everyone else!***

19 thoughts on “A Catch Up!

  1. Your stocking project immediately caught my eye on the front cover and I agree it’s such a great pattern to follow. I finished making it last week and it’s hanging on my fireplace already. Yes I know it’s too early, but it looks great. Thanks for inspiration xx

  2. A new month! Sending lots of love your way. Beautiful work in the magazine! I’ll keep my eyes opened for it if I ever get to a store (I’ve been packing and moving– Like it’s not hard enough to find all my supplies before!)

  3. Like everyone else it has been lovely to read your most recent blog posts. The one on art therapy brought back many happy memories of me doing complicated colourings, and when I was visiting my daughter last week the grandchildren asked me if I preferred drawing or colouring, so put me on the list for colouring.
    The latest news is that after reading your latest blog which is great news for you, I have sent my husband on a mission, which involves him riding his motorbike! You’ve guessed it! Buying me a copy og ” Love Patchwork and Quilting” !! Ruth

  4. Fabulous achievement – well done! I would love a copy of the mag, I have stopped buying to save the pennies unfortunately dx

  5. Congratulations, what an achievement! Besides the beautiful work, that is. Can you imagine all the stockings being sewn from your pattern right now… you have been truly inspirational!

  6. Love Patchwork & Quilting is difficult to find in my area so, yes, please enter my name in your giveaway – thanks! Beautiful stockings!

  7. You should feel very proud of yourself and have clearly worked very hard. I have been buying Love Sewing, looks as though I am also going to have to buy LPQ too!!

  8. Those stockings look lovely and your quilt too. No wonder you haven’t blogged much recently, I so understand. Id live to win a copy of the magazine please
    Jackie x

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