A weeny catch up

I’ve been so busy writing for other people’s publications that I have, it seems, entirely given up on my own blog…. So a long overdue catch up has got to be in order…

Happy post today as my latest copy of Love Sewing arrived, complete with my pattern for nesting fabric baskets, using fabrics from Ochre & Ocre.

IMG_3741As usual Helen, the lovely editor at Love Sewing, has done such a great job of styling and photographing my work – and it never gets old seeing your name in print.  Get hold of a copy so that you can enter the competition to win some of these gorgeous fabrics! And of course (of course!), try out some of the brilliant projects – I am particularly taken with Lauren Guthrie’s gorgeous yoked top – will definitely have a crack at her lovely design (and look out for her book Learn to Sew With Lauren too).

Back to the subject of Ochre & Ocre, and it has been fab working with the owner, Tess, over the last few months. She is a marvel, running her business and family with masses of hard work and dedication – she has been very tolerant of my general flakiness! I’ve put together another tutorial for her for a fussy cut cushion, that you can find on the Ochre & Ocre blog. Here’s a pic of the finished cushion to tempt you over there:

Finished 3


My final deadline (before I have a week’s much needed holiday!) is for 5 projects for an Fat Quarter-themed project book. These are all well underway, and I’ve just finished the prototype for a super-quick-to-sew and hand-tied boho-style quilt.

AMH quickie 3

I used some favourite, saved-up, Anna Maria Horner prints for this, as I had a suspicion I would be keeping it for myself. It was a quick make because it had to be! I will be making the real thing, for the book, using equally awesome prints by Amy Butler.

AMH quickie


It’s not exactly a beautifully crafted finish (no time!) but don’t these fabulous prints sing of summer on a lovely day like today! Hope you are having a good one!

16 thoughts on “A weeny catch up

  1. I totally understand that whole creating for others and forgetting yourself thing! Plus there’s that pesky day job that the boss insists I turn up to every.single.weekday if I want to get paid – sooooo unreasonable 😉

    Enjoy your holiday, I’m hoping to get my Love Sewing out of the wrapper this weekend for a wee read,,,

  2. Gorgeous quilt, love what you have done with the fabric! I have a skirt in the turquoise Fieldstudy fabric, is one of my favourites and has appeared on my blog several times.

    1. Thank you! I love most of AMH’s prints I have to say – beautifully vibrant and fun. I was all set to buy some AMH velveteen to make myself a skirt, but was scared my dressmaking skills (low!) would let down the lovely fabric.

  3. Congratulations on getting published, Ali! I bet it’s a wonderful feeling 😀 The quilt also looks amazing, and I found myself lusting for it, even though I’m not normally one for bright colours for my own self – so well done!

  4. Just to say that I have been loving the Love Sewing Mag and have it delivered here to France. Your quilt I adore and am hoping to make some of the nesting boxes, they are so useful. Thank you for all you do to inspire us.

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