A new pincushion

I’ve stitched a Union flag using Liberty lawn before, during all the excitement preceding the 2012 Olympic games, but it wasn’t terribly successful because there wasn’t enough contrast between the fabrics. When I put together a new red, white and blue Liberty bundle for the shop recently I thought that it was time to have another go. Here’s the bundle – the fabrics are Betsy Ann in red, Rosy in red and white and Mitsi in dark blue:

Rosy Red, White & Blue - Liberty mini-bundle

The Union Jack is a symbol I find tricky to craft, because it has been appropriated by political parties and organisations that I abominate (very apt that I am writing this today, on an election day), and because I find over the top patriotism a little bit cheesy. But it is such a good shape, and has some great meaning wrapped up in it, so this piece of stitchery is offered here to celebrate the kind of generous, inclusive, friendly & welcoming patriotism that we saw so fantastically back in 2012.





It’s a lot for a little pincushion to achieve, but what the hell, I can’t do political speeches…!

The top is foundation pieced and I have a foundation piecing template ready to upload, with some instructions, if people would like it… It’s good to share isn’t it? (more politics!).  Just let me know!


22 thoughts on “A new pincushion

  1. I agree about the patriotism part. I love this version of the Union Jack because it uses Liberty (made in UK) and it has your special stamp on it! I hope you do share a pattern….

  2. Oooh I will have to buy a bundle to make this! I’d love to have a go at it if you would share the pattern 🙂 All projects are on hold right now though until I move house!!!

  3. Hello. (Sorry I haven’t got your first name)I am a new subscriber to your email blog, since finding it in the Love to Sew magazine. Initially I looked at your website to buy some of your fabrics but then thought I would also sign in to your blog and I must say I love it and look forward to your new ideas and comments. However I am disappointed that I can’t order any fabrics because I can’t find a phone number. You refer to your shop so I am hoping you will allow me to order over the phone ( I know I am old fashioned!!!) I do order things through Amazon and tried to find you on that, but no luck,so hopefully you will be able to do something for me. Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Ruth Nicolson


  4. This is a lovely pin cushion and so impressively neat. I love the Liberty fabrics and you have got the contrast perfectly.

    I think it is lovely to celebrate and enjoy your national symbols and emblems especially in such lovely fabric.

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