Love Love Sewing

Sorry to have been so quiet! We have been up to our ears in various domestic upheavals. It was time for our boys to get separate rooms and exciting new beds, which resulted in much building of flat-pack furniture and rearranging of other furniture around it. It was a bit like doing one of those sliding puzzles that are so infuriating. The low point was when husband and I realised that we had built the wrong bed in the wrong room… I am surprised we all came through that alive to be honest!

Whilst we had the skip in the drive, we also decided to demolish the fitted wardrobe in our bedroom and move the Very Berry workshop upstairs. It was an horrific experience of not knowing where anything was, but things are a lot better organized now, so I can relax again.  We are nowhere near finished rearranging (we seem to have an awful lot of STUFF, including an embarrassingly extensive fabric stash…), but the end is in sight I hope.

A note of excitement in amongst all the chaos was the arrival of Love Sewing magazine:

Love Sewing - take a look at these gorgeous free gifts!

It’s a new arrival to the UK craft scene and I am lucky enough to be featured in the main magazine and in the awesome Liberty supplement. Here are some show-offy pics…

First up in the main mag is my Mini Art Wrap:



I designed this Liberty and linen wedding clutch as a new project for the magazine. I absolutely love how they have styled this. It’s so wonderful to send something off and see what the magazine stylists do with it to make it look its best:

Liberty wedding clutch


Finally, my Liberty Wallflower Cushion is also in the supplement. You can buy fabric kits for this pillow in my Liberty fabric shop (I will custom cut the patchwork pieces for you):



The good news for me is that I am working on a couple of things for future issues. Here’s a little something involving improv Liberty patchwork and Kantha stitching that’s a prototype for another Love Sewing project. Haven’t got it quite how I want it, but it’s getting there, and very relaxing to sew in amongst all the DIY:



29 thoughts on “Love Love Sewing

  1. Congratulations on surviving the room upheavals. (Is there anything less fun that flat pack furniture?) And for your articles. I will look for this magazine next time I am out.

  2. The magazine looks fab, will have to find a copy. Congratulations on your pieces, they look amazing. We’ll done! We’ve got a new bed coming next week and I can’t face sorting out all the “stuff” that’s stored underneath. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself how good it will be when the job’s done.

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