Liberty shop update

I had so many orders for my Liberty quilt packs that I have been cutting 5″ squares for 2 weeks straight… Good job I find it quite relaxing, but I am looking forward to getting my sewing machine out tomorrow!

If you are interested in making a Charming Liberty Quilt I have just one pack of 140 5″ squares left in stock for the moment. I will be cutting more (I need a rest!) so please feel free to email me if you would like to go on a waiting list. Or if you are very patient you could think about joining my Liberty Double Quilt Club –

Charm square club button double

– and collect 20 square per month for 7 months, for just £7.20 per month (UK only – if you are overseas, do give me a shout for a quote).

Meanwhile, the sudden improvement in my cash flow meant I could get lots of new fabrics for the shop. These lovely things are all now available:

Petal and Bud (purple) Liberty Mini Single (9x12 inch)

Petal and Bud


Phoebe (turquoise, pink) - Liberty Mini Single (9x12 inches)



Mitsi Valeria (pink) Liberty Mini Single (9x12 inch)

Mitsi Valeria


Umbel (blue) - Liberty Mini Single (9x12 inches)



Limited Edition Mini Scrap Bag of Liberty Tana Lawn - blues

Limited Edition Blue Scrap Pack


Happy shopping!

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