Free Fabrics up for Grabs

Got your attention? Good!! I hope you have all got your design thinking caps on because all I can hear is tumbleweed blowing round my inbox….

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I am so excited to be a judge in the Big Spring Contest for the Offset Warehouse, but it is going to be a bit sad if I don’t have anything to judge…  All you guys need to do is submit design ideas for a gift for a crafty friend, telling me what fabrics from the Offset Warehouse you would use. If I choose you as the winner, you will receive the fabrics you have chosen, and you get to bring your design to life. And you are in with a chance of winning a bundle of the most awesome prizes

I wish I could enter because I have a ton of ideas… This lovely blue hessian really appeals:

maybe paired with this fab block printed muslin:

But I also love this delicious tulip patterned block print:

There are all sorts of options – denim or linen for tool rolls, needle books and knitting needles cases. Or lovely stripy cottons for bags and fabric storage. Other ideas that are floating round in my head are kitchen aprons, covered notebooks, drawstring bags for WIPs, sewing aprons with lots of pockets for scissors/fabric pens, oven gloves, ironing board covers, sewing machine cosies, armchair sewing organisers, scissor cases, travel sewing kits…

Come on – you know you want to join in. Just drop me a line at veryberryhandmade(at)gmail(dot)com with your design idea, and details of the fabric you would use.

10 thoughts on “Free Fabrics up for Grabs

  1. I would love to make something for my sister in law – maybe a mat for under her machine and a matching pin cushion/ thread catcher. I will study the fabrics and try to come up with a design that I think would suit her!

  2. It would have to be a divided bucket bag. My friend always has at least 2 projects on the go at all times. To see her struggle with untwinning one project from another, every time she gets one out, does make me laugh. So a divided bucket bag with big roomy pockets on the outside would be perfect. I’m off to look up fabrics and then I’ll drop you am email.

  3. The one I love is the organic hand woven chunky stripes! I would buy that, along with both the purple and the turquoise cross weave, and make fabric baskets for a friend to keep her wool in. They would look great with a turnover at the top, showing a bit of the lining on the outside 🙂

    1. Fran – that sounds great! If you’d like to be in the contest, then do feel free to drop me a line with a few more details about the design and maybe a drawing or 2. veryberryhandmade(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Hello – lovely fabrics – can never have too many lovely fabrics! The coloured hessians really got my attention – I think a set of hanging storage tubs/bags lined in some of the ethnic prints (particularly like that blue printed muslin) would be my choice, that way I could get a glimpse of the fabrics every time I walked by …

    1. Ok! Quick lesson to self to read all information first….my hanging hessian bags would be for my friend Jacquie, who is primarily a knitter but as a mum of 4 always has so many creative bits on the go. Think I’m going to have to make a summer tote bag for myself out of that lovely olive hessian though!

      1. Hi Elaine – if you are interested in being in the competition then do please drop me a line with a more detailed design and perhaps a couple of drawings. Your idea of hanging storage bags sounds really good! veryberryhandmade(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Well we cant have tumbleweed can we?

    I love all those handstamped prints, so earthy and ethnic. I would like to make a big project bag, with lots of inside and outside pockets. I think I would use the Tree of Life and that lovely blue hessian. They would go together so well.

    Hope you get lots of ideas from us lazy people. Well Im not lazy, just doing lots of necessary stuff at the moment, like covering dining room chairs and making a patch pocket for my husbands shirt which he bought without realising there wasnt one. He cannot possibly wear a shirt without a pocket, so I had to cut strips off the tail. That was interesting.



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