Very Berry Artist Trading Card Swap 3 – Sign ups now open!

Swap full – thank you everyone!

Ok, time to breathe a bit of life back into this here blog! I’m determined to run 3 ATC swaps this year, I thought we’d better get started… We have had 2 brilliant swaps so far, and I am really excited to be getting going again.

Textile ATC swap 3 - button
If you don’t know what an Artist Trading Card (ATC) is, here’s a quick introduction. Trading Cards have been around for decades in one form or another. Little cards featuring famous sports people and other celebrities were included as freebies in cigarette packets, and these cards quickly became collectable. Art trading cards are a reinvention of this idea that started up more recently, with artists and crafters enthusiastically swapping and building up collections. The only rule basic rule is that the cards must measure 3.5″x2.5″, although there are a few other rules for our swaps!

The idea of this swap is to create a stitched/textile work of art to send to your partner. You can use any techniques that you like – it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a go at something new, on a very small scale. Before you decide to sign up, please read the rules and essentials very carefully…

The swap is limited to 40 people so hurry if you want a place!

ATC Essentials

  • Your ATC must be 6.4cm by 8.9cm (2.5″ by 3.5″), but you can use the card in either portrait or landscape orientation. Don’t make the card too thick though – no more than 3-4mm (1/8″) please.
  • The ATC must be predominantly textile, but you can use any techniques that you want to try, e.g. embroidery, patchwork, beading, cross-stitch, fusing fabrics, colouring fabrics, using fabric paints or ink stamps.
  • The back of the ATC needs to include, at the very least, your name and the date. It is also preferable to include your email address, and, if you have given the ATC a title, you can include this too.

Swap Rules

  • You will make 1 ATC and received 1 ATC in return. Serious bit: Before signing up, please think for a minute whether you can put aside enough time to make something lovely and thoughtful for your swap partner, and whether you will be able to meet the deadlines.
  • Please sign up by leaving a comment on this post and dropping me an email at veryberryhandmade (at) gmail (dot) com by Tuesday 18th February.
  • I will send you an online form with a few questions (just a bit of basic info for the swap) on Wednesday 19th February and you must respond by Saturday 22nd February. Partners will be assigned by 24th February.
  • It will be a secret swap so please don’t let your partner know who you are!
  • Participation is open to anyone anywhere in the world (the ATCS wont be too pricey to send), so please be prepared to send overseas if you join in (but I will *try* to make exceptions if you are really stuck for cash… just let me know).
  • Cards must be posted during the week 14th – 18th March (or a little earlier if you are posting overseas and you can manage it).
  • Please do not include anything else in your parcel, except a little note to say hello!
  • Once you have sent your ATC, you must get in touch with me to say that it has been sent.
  • Once you have received your ATC, you must get in touch with your partner to say thanks.
  • You don’t have to have a blog, but it is very helpful if you join the Very Berry Handmade Textile ATC Swap Flickr Group – it’s a great way of recording progress and asking questions about making your ATC.
  • If you blog, use FB, Twitter or Instagram, please feel free to share your ATC swap progress.

The Theme
I haven’t decided on a theme yet… ideas I have come up with: Spring, My Favourite Book, Peace or Hope, but feel free to suggest your own when you sign up. If there are a few we can have a poll to see which is the most popular.

The Button
Here’s the button for you to use on your blog, if you want to share, just copy and paste the code:

Very Berry Artist Trading Card Swap 3
Very Berry Artist Trading Card Swap 3

Swap full – thank you everyone!

58 thoughts on “Very Berry Artist Trading Card Swap 3 – Sign ups now open!

  1. Arh, so sorry I missed out this time. Just a day late! It sounds like fun. I’ll keep my eye out and try to join next time. Looking forward to seeing peoples cards.

  2. Hi, I realise I’m a day late, but if you still have free spaces, I would love to join in.
    Thanks for emails, I’ve ordered small amount fabric in past and always been very happy with it.
    Hope to hear from you, Pam.

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Alas, I’m so behind on a bunch of other stuff I need to work on, I’m going to have to pass 😦 But I look forward to seeing what you all come up with 🙂

  4. I would love to take part, I saw this last time and said to myself the next one I will join, that’s if there is any places left ?. I like the spring theme 🙂

  5. It was such a wonderful and exciting experience last time. Would love to join in if it’s not too late yet. 🙂 Spring and Book themes sound good. Just some ideas – Woodland Walk, Mini Quilt, Summer Fun. Thank you Ali for organising the swap again!

  6. owww, almost missed this announcement . I would love to participate again as I loved the autumn version. Thank you for organising this swap again.
    Dutch greetings,

  7. HI,

    Very keen to do this swap. I like the sound of spring, although here in NZ we are going into Autumn. I also like the sound of books / literary theme as I’m currently studying to teach English to young adults. This sounds like fun!

  8. I have followed your blogs for quite a while and have made several of your wonderfully easy and useful patterns you post such as the art roll and bookmarks which I have made for myself and also given to family as presents. I have wanted to join your ATCs for a while now but have always had too many commitments but I am currently not in any bees and am free to make something creative to give to someone else who will hopefully treasure it.

  9. I would very much like to take part in your swap! It looks like amazing fun. I’d like to vote for either spring or books.

  10. Ali,

    Great you are organising this again. I will be in the middle of moving homes… Back to the UK! But I can’t miss it! Luckily swap is a week before we move so it will still be the Luxembourg address.


    Sent from my iPad


  11. Sorry Ali but I’m going to have to give this one a miss as I don’t think I have the time just now to do a project justice. Hopefully if you do another one later in the year I will be able to join in that one as I have lived participating in the first two swaps
    Jackie x

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