Dragonfly Fabrics – a lovely giveaway!

I am so delighted to have a lovely lovely pre-Christmas giveaway for you. Especially as it is from Dragonfly Fabrics – a shop which is definitely going from strength to strength.

Dragonfly Fabrics - Designer Dressmaking Fabrics

Since I last looked properly at their site (I clearly haven’t had enough money to spend recently!), they have added patterns and a very well chosen range of haberdashery to their range. I always love it when shops start doing all the extras you need to get cracking with a project – the more you can get in one shop, the more you can save on delivery costs, of course.

I am always recommending Dragonfly to friends and blog readers for their boiled wool selection, which is tricky to get elsewhere. So it is great to see that they have expanded their range, with more colours in stock, and lovely little sample packs and craft packs too. Love the packs, such a great way to try out these beautiful fabrics.

They also have lots of new additions to their range of lovely linens, including some of those popular Kaufman Essex linens – it’s time to add Dragonfly to my guide to buying linen fabrics!

I always think that Dragonfly is particular good for dressmakers, but a great reason to visit if you are a quilter is that they have a lovely range of eco cottons from Westfalenstoffe. Simon, who with his wife Dorte, owns Dragonfly Fabrics, Tells me that the Kitzbuehel range from Westfalenstoffe is pretty much their most popular line.

It is so gorgeous,and the frosty blue colours are especially suited to this time of year. And, if you are into a red and white Scandi-style Christmas, then Westfalenstoffe’s Classic collection is absolutely ideal.

Simon and Dorte are really keen to get feedback on their website and shop as they move forward and grow their business, so they are offering Very Berry readers the opportunity to win a wonderful couple of prizes, in return for your feedback, on what you like about their web shop and what they could do to make it even better.

The Prizes!

1st prize: £30 voucher to spend on anything in the shop
2nd Prize: 1 boiled wool craft pack or voucher for any fabric/item in the shop up to a value of £20.00

Giveaway rules:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post with your feedback (both positive and negative!) on Dragonfly Fabrics for one entry.
  • Like Dragonfly Fabrics on Facebook and leave a second comment to say that you have done so (or tell us that you are already a FB liker).
  • The giveaway is open to readers around the world, but there will be an extra postage charge to any winners outside Europe.
  • I will be doing in the draw for the prizes on Tuesday 10th December (in the afternoon!), so as long as you get your comments left before then, you will be in with a chance of winning.

Good luck!

93 thoughts on “Dragonfly Fabrics – a lovely giveaway!

  1. They have a lovely selection of fabrics that are hard to find elsewhere so it is a very handy website to know about. One problem I have when I’m looking for fabrics is guessing the scale of the pattern. I make coin purses and big items like clothing so scale is important. It would be good to have either a written measurement of the scale or something in the photos to gauge the scale.

  2. I really like the fact that they have some more unusual types of fabrics, and also put a brief comment on them with suggestion as to how you would use them – e.g. the boiled wool is suitable for jackets, coats, scarves, hats etc. The gallery is also useful for seeing how they can look made up too.

  3. I love the clean unfussy look of the website and it is very easy to navigate. My favourites from my first browse are: the Kitchengarden Bundle, small xmas bundle, red scrap bundle and the Jaipur fabric. The prices seem fair but I always look for a bargain when shopping or special discount offers!

  4. Easy to navigate but I worry about fixed postage at £3. If I have run out of something and just need a FQ, I don’t want to spend the equivalent of another FQ to get it to me, but that’s the cost of postage nowadays I guess. Still, if I placed a big order I’d be very happy with £3 postage flat rate.

  5. I like the look of Dragonfly Fabrics – very clean looking and easy to get around. I really like the fabric they sell.

  6. So glad I’ve found a website selling Westfalenstoffe, I’ve always looked out for them and like the christmas bundles.

  7. The website is lovely and clean. My only suggestion is that it has a way to shop from the screen with all the images so I don’t have to click on the image to then click to order it for me to be sent to an order screen – I want to keep shopping but it is a lot of screens back to the screen of choices! Great images and prices!

  8. Beautiful choice of fabrics on offer. Unique to other websites. And a useful website to purchase wool fabric. I’d like to see some ideas of what you could make out of the wool fabric. Love, love love x

  9. A very easy site to find my way around. Love their choices of cotton linen and velveteen especially, and some of the finds in the remnants section are amazing as are their Christmas bundles.

  10. Lovely site and, as someone who still likes to make the odd clothing item, nice to see a variety of fabrics. My only confusion (and perhaps it’s because I’m from the U.S.) is about the weights of the cotton fabrics. Would a light weight be more like a blouse-weight batiste than a quilting cotton? Thanks. pbstrand@msn.com

  11. Nice, clear website with good index. Love the linens, although the printed ones are quite pricey. Like the gallery too. Would like a PayPal option. jennylarking at gmail dot com

  12. Fantastic selection of non run-of -the -mill fabrics. I enjoy using boiled wool and the linens are lovely. Will definitely be spending time browsing and hopefully buying! Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Love the gorgeous fabrics! What an amazing rainbow of fabrics and patterns, I could (& will!) Spend hours on there!

  14. I like the clarity of the information, pictures and explanations on their blog and online pages. The fb page is a good starting point as well. 🙂

  15. Dragonfly is a lovely website, very easy to navigate and great LARGE pictures. I couldn’t see a paypal payment option, and that would be useful (makes purchases feel far more guilt free!) I love their collection and colours of boiled wool, but i hope they will be increasing their collection of wool felt, which I find so difficult to find at the right quality. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  16. I am always eyeing up their boiled wool, they have such lovely colours. The last time I bought from them I got some lovely patterned corduroy and made up trousers for me and my daughter, lovely fabric, lovely customer service, lovely website.

  17. Ooooh, lovely site, easy to find my way about, lovely selection of fabrics, some have my name on them, I must investigate the boiled wool the colours are stunning.

  18. The website is straightforward and looks great, simple, clean and easy to find what you’re looking for. The range is excellent. I love all the Westfalenstoffe including those amazing woven ribbons that are currently on offer.

  19. I’m going to give a shoutout for the fantastic customer service- I once ordered some fabrics, one of which was sold out just about anywhere in the world including at Dragonfly, but on the off chance I asked if they maybe had a scrap left somewhere- they must have turned over their shelves and dragged furniture around, because they found a stray piece! Not only that, they didn’t charge me full price and the parcel arrived, beautifully packaged and in double quick time. I highly recommend them!

  20. I have always liked Dragonfly – especially because of their Westfalenstoffe. I was eyeing up the new Linz only a few days ago. i also love their bio-linen and have used it for a few projects. the new haberdashery section looks great. i thought they had some lovely quality cord/needlecord which I’ve bough in the past (and would probably buy again) but I can’t see it any more. Great shop.

  21. Cool variety of fabrics! I have no idea what boiled wool is, but I’m definitely going to look that up. My negative would be that they aren’t in the US so shipping would be more expensive for me.

  22. Lovely website, fab fabrics and a good selection of patterns too. Great that the amounts of fabric needed are included with the pattern description. Sometimes this isn’t on websites and that can be frustrating. You could perhaps take it one step further and do a deal on certain fabrics with the pattern. Takes the thinking out of it, which is sometimes more convenient.

  23. Thank you for a chance to win. I really want their beautiful red bundle of fabrics and their Christmas ribbon tape is so cute! It is a lovely little store.

  24. I really like that they offer the chance to buy fabric samples, I have been caught out so often with a fabric not being quite the shade I expected when it is seen in real life.

    Have never used boiled wool but now I know where to find it if I ever need it 🙂

  25. An easy to navigate website! Something others don’t always seem to manage. I’ve bookmarked them for future spending 🙂

  26. I like the elegant and responsive website, very clearly laid out. It’s easy to browse by fabric type or colour, perfect for me. The only thing missing is a search box, as far as I can see. Not a deal breaker, as everything is so easy to navigate around anyway, but can be useful.

  27. Lovely giveaway and lovely website – I like how the section pages automatically load all the items on one page so there’s no flicking through several pages.

  28. Oh my. I got so excited seeing the variety – boiled wool and gorgeous linens, not to mention the red and white Christmas selection. Just LOVELY!!!!!

  29. Oooooh! Good to know where to get boiled wools :). I have visited and liked their fb page. Thank you for a chance to win some lovelies.

  30. I really like the fabric bundles as I love to get fabric that already works well together. I do like to be able to buy fabric in smaller quantities than a meter though.

  31. It’s a shop I often browse – beautiful to look at and easy to navigate. There is a smallish but good choice of quilting cottons and I wouldn’t necessarily expect to find more as there is plenty of competition from other shops. It’s in the ranges of other fabrics that it stands out with a really tempting selection and as a result it’s among the first on my list of shops that I would go to for those fabrics.

  32. Hello! Thanks for this great chance to win this giveaway!!
    I think that Dragonfly Fabrics have a very easy to browse website and it is easy to find what you are looking for in there. It looks elegant and modern. I love the fact that they have a gallery where you can see examples of different patterns using some of their fabrics. It is always useful for beginners like me. Their boiled wool selection is fantastic and they have lovely quality bundles, however, I would perhaps add a greater selection of colours in them. Thanks very much, Pati x

  33. What an absolutely gorgeous shop, actually just what I have been looking for as I have been wanting to start using fabric on my felt decorations. So firstly I love that they do bundle sizes for the fabrics, something you do not see anywhere else. I also love how everything is laid out clearly and you can see exactly what there is. Love the ribbon section, I think on the ribbon section it would be nice if they showed the width of the ribbon to make sure the ribbon is suitable for your project 🙂 I think I will showing this site to my husband for some stocking filler ideas for me lol. Unfortunately I do not have Facebook to like their page, but I love the websites it is now on my favourites

  34. Love the clean elegant look of this website, it’s non fussy and leads you to looking at the beautiful fabrics perfectly.
    One thing that would encourage me to purchase more supplies would be patterns and more examples of the supplies being used for non clothing items, like bags, pencil cases, makeup bags even moving onto toys of small gift items. Some of us are not able to make clothes but love playing with fabric and making smaller items.
    Thanks for the chance of a great giveaway. : )

  35. What a lovely giveaway! I’ve been looking for an excuse to rummage through the Dragonfly website for a while 🙂

    I really like that on the summary pages, the prices are all for a metre of fabric – it’s confusing on some sites when the price shown can be for a FQ or half metre or metre. Having it all the same makes life much simpler.

    Having said that, one thing that would make life a bit easier would be having the width of fabric in inches as well as cm – a lot of patterns refer to the width in inches, and the length in metres, which is daft, but how it is! I always forget how many inches 110cm is, no matter how many times I look it up, so putting both would be very helpful!

    It’s a lovely shop and a great giveaway – thanks!

  36. What a great shop. There are so many lovely things and it’s so easy to browse and find everything. I love their selections of boiled wool and that they do craft bundles of them and there are some lovely cotton tapes in the haberdashery section. So much temptation! Thanks to you both for a fab giveaway.

  37. Oh dear…when it comes to fabric I have so little will power, and the Dragonfly fabrics are just my sort of thing. It took all my strength to resist the sinister swarm cotton and the gorgeous jeans fabric for aprons. Lovely, lovely stuff!

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