We have been so overwhelmingly busy this week with the new puppy. He sleeps so much….. aww look at cute sleeping puppy:

Barney sleeping

And yet, when he is awake you can’t turn your back for a second (all you dog owners knew this didn’t you…?). So everything, frankly, has become completely chaotic, with no housework done for days, piles of washing everywhere, and I haven’t started the autumn clear up in the garden…

So while Mr Barney was sleeping this afternoon, I decided to sort my Liberty scraps – concentrating on the priorities as usual. I should have folded out the table though:


The other thing I have been working on this week is a new cushion tute, using one of these wonderful lacy zips from Coats that go on the outside. Very cool to make a zip a feature, and it does make it so much easier to sew into place. However, I have only managed to half finish the cushion top – it is still sitting in my sewing machine, under the presser foot. Here’s a little glimpse – it looks slightly over the top in close-up:Β 

Liberty cushion in the making


Hopefully, the end result will be a little less intense!


Amongst all the craziness, my mind seems to have developed sieve-like properties… but I’ve finally got round to making the draw for the knitting book giveaway:

knitting book winner

The winner is number 13, Leonor, who makes the most gorgeous felted creations (check out her Facebook and EtsyΒ – how much would I like a little felted Barney – so much quieter than the real thing…). Congratulations to you Leonor, I will be in touch…

23 thoughts on “Scrapaggedon

  1. I’m having dog “issues” as well at the moment- new dog is showing hyperactivity signs and she’s only 8, but is BANANAS- I nearly lost my arm from it’s socket this morning. And old Fletch is getting incontinent as part of his illness bless him (2am wake up calls for me), at least when Gwen decides to escape and go doo lally, I can rely on the old boy to quietly look after himself in the park and cause no trouble.

  2. *Happy dance all around*
    I never win anything, so this is an absolute delight, thank you so very much! And thank you for the lovely words about my work, your little Barney would make such a cute Felt Buddy πŸ˜€ xx

  3. Your little dog is gorgeous! Give it a year for civilisation to set in! (worth it though).
    Pauline (multiple dog owner)

  4. Owww he is sew cute but all the comments before are right he will drive you mad and then turn doe eyes on you and there will be nothing you can do about it! Enjoy…We have recentley got two cats (I’m a dog person but got out voted!:( ) One sat on a quilt I was quilting on the machine last night, perrrfect!

  5. Gorgeous puppy! Just wait till he chews a Liberty square though… Our cat has been known to tip squares off the table and feed the dog.

  6. Tee hee hee – It’s a pup…what can I say? He’ll destroy your life, your house and sanity then cuddle up onto your lap and melt your heart and you know what, you wont give a toss about the havoc!

    Ps. when he gets bigger and can reach the table you can forget about laying out your scraps as it will be scatter-geddon. Don’t worry tho’ he’ll pack it in when he is vey old and arthritic in about 18-20yrs or so……lol!

      1. I dare you to even mention sending him back. Your boys would have a fit! Anyway it’s just like having a new baby in the family. You fall instantly in love and stay that way despite all their faults. Just ask my boy. He rules this house.

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