Celebrating Four Figures

After a slow start building up likes, I was very happy to reach the lovely figure of 1,000 fans for Very Berry Fabrics on Facebook. Although Facebook can be frustrating sometimes (one of the reasons that I am so glad to reach 1,000 is that for weeks now FB has been wanting me to pay for advertising to get to 1,000 – hopefully it will shut up for a bit now), it’s still a really great way to chat with customers, and also to share the beautiful work they make with Liberty fabrics from my Folksy shop (always very happy to receive photos to share – just email or post them on the Facebook page, and I will share them for you).

To celebrate the three zeros, I have a couple of special celebratory incentives:

  • Until the end of today (midnight, Wed 23 October), there is free postage for UK customers (refunded via PayPal), and the equivalent of UK postage refunded for overseas customers.  
  • Anyone who orders between now and 31 October will be entered into a draw to win 10 mini-singles of their choice. 

To tempt you in here are some pics of current goodies….

Blue Monday: Limited Edition - Liberty Six Pack

Blue Monday Limited Edition Six Pack


70 Liberty Tana Lawn 1.25 inch hexagons for patchwork & applique

Liberty Tana Lawn-1.25″ hexagons for patchwork applique


Ltd Edition: The Blues Mini Scrap Bag of Liberty Lawn

 Ltd Edition: The-Blues Mini Scrap Bag


Phoebe Fitzgerald  (Liberty mini-bundle)

Phoebe Fitzgerald Liberty mini bundle


Enjoy! I will be back tomorrow (2 blog posts in 2 days!!!) with a giveaway of a really nice beginner’s knitting book.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Four Figures

  1. Well done on reaching 1000 followers on Facebook! I am not on FB (one distraction too many) but know it must be encouraging to get so many followers and without their advertising push. Well done!

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