Book Review: Creative Makers – Simple Knitting by Ros Badger

Simple Knitting 1

I was really delighted to be asked to review another couple of books from the ‘Creative Makers’ series from Mitchell Beazley, because the other 2 I have reviewed (Simple Sewing with Lola Nova and Simple Crochet by Sara Sinaguglia) were excellent.

This introduction to knitting is by the hugely experienced designer and knitter Ros Badger, so we are in safe hands where the designs are concerned. There are beautiful scarves and hats galore, socks, gloves, mittens and bags, with a couple of more quirky patterns for flowers and also for a little dog’s jacket. The designs and wool choices are delicious, and the styling of the photos is lovely, as you can see.

Simple Knitting 2

Although the patterns are quite definitely for beginners, this does not make them dull, and the book is a great introduction to some of the basics. Although I do knit a little, and am always hoping to improve (somehow), I didn’t have time to test any of the patterns, so I asked my lovely friend Laura, whom has recently been teaching herself to knit, to check out some of the patterns.

Simple Knitting 3

Her response was that the designs are good, and the patterns that she tried were well written. As an enthusiastic user of circular needles I think she was quite surprised that some of the patterns that naturally lend themselves to be knitted on circs, were knitted on standard needles. But we wondered if this was felt more in keeping with the ‘beginners’ nature of the book.

Simple Knitting 4

She also felt that the step-by-step photos to demonstrate stitches in the introduction were also good, although there could have been more for particularly tricky skills like, for example, making seams with mattress stitch. But all in all, she was very impressed with the designs and the book and the clearly written patterns.

Simple Knitting 5

Each pattern has a little introduction, an idea that I really like – it’s a really nice personal touch from the other, and common to this whole series. It makes the books feel more friendly and more approachable.

Aren’t these ankle socks fab?  They even got the approval of the author’s daughters!

Simple Knitting 6

There is a really great list of resources at the end of the book (although I was surprised, as I always am, that YouTube was missed ou,t as it is one of the best resources around for most craft skills!). But there are details of some fantastic yarn shops, inspirational blogs and more, so I will forgive them for that.

All in all I think this is another winner in this series, so you will be glad to know that I have a copy to give away.

Here are the rules:

  • The giveaway is open to people in the UK only (sorry, it’s a heavy book!)
  • You can enter any time between now and midnight on Monday 28th October. I will announce the winner on the 29th.
  • To enter, please leave a comment telling me how you learned to knit, or why you’d like to learn.

Good luck!

27 thoughts on “Book Review: Creative Makers – Simple Knitting by Ros Badger

  1. My aunty taught me to knit when I was 7 or 8. She took no notice of the fact I was left handed and just showed me how she did it – so I knit right handed and have been doing so for a long, long time.

  2. I learnt to knit as a child but have forgotten how to cast off so am currently only equipped to knit a long scarf with needle feature at one end….!

  3. My grandma taught me to knit when I was younger, just the basics, but I have still only really knitted shawls and scarves! I should at least try a hat to go with my scarves! She also crocheted, I have a little doll blanket still that she made for me when I was little 🙂

  4. Got taught to knit by my mum when I was little and then stopped until this year when out of nowhere I got my knitting mojo back and am now busy trying to learn alltheskills. Still consider myself very much a beginner so would love a copy of this book!

  5. My mom taught me when I was a young teenager, but then I didn’t knit for a long time. I then started again in my late twenties and haven’t stopped since! Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. My grandmother taught me to crochet but I have never learnt to knit beyond managing a couple of rows at school. I love the colours and textures of modern wools and really feel now is the time to learn.

  7. I’d love to learn as my Mother failed to teach me when I was young. I’d end up with extra (or fewer) stitches, or holes where there shouldn’t be! I’ve now managed to learn how to crochet which I enjoy so I think it’s about time I gave it another go. That said I would be delighted if I won this book as it looks really lovely!

  8. I was taught to knit, and sew by my granma when she moved in with us for short time when I was about six. I never really progressed much beyond making basic squares and didn’t do any knitting during my teen years then was encouraged to try knitting baby items again by my then very frail granma when housebound during my first pregnancy. I have never really progressed much beyond basic patterns but would love to try to make something different and expand my skill set- I have just signed up to try to learn crochet. I did try to learn via YouTube but struggled a little. Thank you for your reviews.

  9. My gran taught me to knit age 7 and I did a roaring trade at Uni during the late 70s with mohair sweaters! After a bad back operation 12 years ago I took to knitting almost full-time to save my sanity after enforced retirement. The book looks lovely and I’m sure the patterns would appeal to seasoned knitters as well as beginners. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Lovely book, I love to knit, my Mum taught me when I was 6, if I win this book I will give it to my 18 year old daughter who I keep trying to get knitting but doesn’t have the motivation, perhaps this book is what she needs

  11. My mum and nan taught me. They were good teachers but unfortunately I wasn’t their brightest pupil. However in my dotage I have decided to start from scratch and teach myself. Scarves are my speciality and now I need to move on!

  12. My nan taught me! She also tried crochet, but sadly I was unable to master the right tension… I have been trying to get back to knitting again as I forgot most of it, so this book would indeed be a welcome addition to my collection 🙂

  13. My Grandma knitted all our jumpers and cardies when we were little, but by the time I was old enough to learn she was crippled with arthritis and had moved on to a knitting machine. But I really really wanted to learn, so she taught me, slowly, and painfully stitch by stitch. When I was older and she could hardly hold a book let alone a pair of needles she would look wistfully at me knitting away until I would give in and let her fumble her way along a row. I don’t think she ever stopped missing her knitting.

  14. My lovely Nan who is in her mid 80’s is a super knitter and I love it when she knits for me. She has had a few attempts at teaching me to knit and I am finally starting to be able to do some basic knitting on my own. This sort of book sounds like a brilliant next step for me. I am determined to crack it before I have children so I can knit for them.

  15. My Nan taught me to knit when I was about 4 (!) and I’m still trying to get the hang of it 30 years later. I found out recently that my Nan used to be a knitting pattern tester but unfortunately it seems she hasn’t passed her ability on to me and I’m still a bit rubbish! Knitting patterns are a totally foreign language to me so basic projects sound wonderful.

  16. My mum taught me to knit for a project I wanted to do as part of a uni assignment a few years ago, though I have forgotten much of it now and would love to start again. This book would help!

  17. Hello, my Mamma taught me to knit when I was about 6 years old. The needles seemed enormous for so few stitches but I took to it and have been going ever since. God bless Mamma!

  18. My Nan taught me to knit when I was little and I used to knit skirts and tops for my barbies! I can’t follow a pattern so this book sounds a great read for someone like me with very basic knitting skills. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs Lynsey x

  19. HI
    Just ordered this book on Amazon Germany because of your review! I have just started knitting again after 20 years ! I needed something to stop me falling to sleep in front of the TV at night.!!

  20. I don’t remember how I learnt to knit, I just seem to always to have been able to do it! That what concerns me about children now, so I’m starting a beginners craft club at my secondary school after half term, wish me luck! I hope to include, knitting, crochet and some stitch work, something’s to create and not become glued to the telly all winter. Think of me when I’m picking up stitches all evening. Any advice would be great.

  21. My mother taught me the basics and then I just gradually picked it up over the years. Since the advent of the internet though I have learnt more in the last five years than over the previous 50!

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