A lovely surprise!

I got a lovely little surprise in the post yesterday from Alix of Used-to-Bees…. a gorgeous Artist Trading Card to say thanks for organising the first ATC swap back in the spring. She wanted to keep it surprise, so waited until she bought some fabric from my shop, so that she could get my address to send it to me. I was just so delighted – isn’t it pretty!

Look what I got! ATC from Alix of Used to Bees

She’s included so many of my favourite things – Liberty fabric (of course!), linen, beautiful embroidery, and who can resist a lovely little country cottage with flowers by the door? Thank you so much Alix.


Whilst we’re on the subject of Liberty lawn (it’s never far from my thoughts, as you can imagine)… I just wanted to share a quick shop update… Because I am aware that Christmas is coming, and my Wallflower Cushions would make lovely gifts (really, they most definitely would!), I have been cutting fabric for pillow kits as quickly as I can. There’s a new blue version:

pillow kit 18

and a rather dramatic red kit:

pillow kit 19

I create these combinations of fabrics as the mood takes me, and they may never be seen again, so move quickly if you like a particular set. The kits come with full instructions and fabric for binding too.

I’ve also been putting bundles together to make it easier for customers to see how particular colour combinations work. This little collection was inspired by a customer, Kathie, who included this combination in a custom bundle:

bundle - colours of autumn folded

I think it is so lovely for autumn!

The other new bundle in the shop is this little red, white and blue number:

patriotic2 bundle main

Finally, to continue the red, white and blue theme, a mini-patchwork pack…
lib 73 1

Hope you like all these – you can’t go wrong with a bit of Liberty print. 🙂

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