The most boring, but most useful post I’ll write in 2013

I published my first big list of UK online fabric shops back in July 2010 on my old blog… I thought it was quite a big list at the time (hence the title….), but goodness how things have changed in the last few years! There are so many online fabric shops now that I thought it was time for a rather large revamp. So here is the new big list.

fabric love logo

It is NOT FINISHED! There are plenty of place-holder entries that I will get round to filling out in time, but it seemed a shame not to share, even in this unfinished state.  And it gives you lot the chance to spot any glaring omissions.. do please get in touch if you do – I wouldn’t want to miss somewhere good…

Now, a word to shopkeepers… whilst I have been researching, it has been so frustrating that on so many sites you cannot get any indication of the delivery charge until you are at the checkout stage (and even worse, sometimes you have to register in order to get to the checkout). This is infuriating and not great customer service. And from your point of view, when I am making a decision about where to buy fabric, postage prices are one of my considerations, and I am sure that goes for many other potential customers too. If I can’t find the delivery charge easily then I’m afraid you have lost my business…  (you know I am usually so nice, it hurts to rant… but honestly, I want to buy your fabric, I really do!).

30 thoughts on “The most boring, but most useful post I’ll write in 2013

  1. Thank you so much for all your work. When I come to London (from Australia) next, your list will make my shopping time so much more organised and focussed. My plan will be to work through your vintage list. Wish I had known about it the last two visits! (Also, Rag Rescue has closed Dec 2014 – she was my favourite online shop with reasonable postage and the opportunity to have a ‘build list’ which closed when a certain amount was reached – thus saving heaps on postage). Many thanks, Julie

  2. I need to know postage costs before I place orders too- it can really sting you if somewhere wants to charge £2.99 to post one FQ, when that cost the same price in the first place!

  3. Not boring at all Ali, and really useful! I am with you on the clarity about postage and if it is too complex, I give up and go!

      1. Yes – internet shopping is even better than window shopping! You can fill your basket and then leave without embarrassment!

  4. Ooh, lovely! I use your list a lot, and an update must be a huge undertaking, thank you!

    And yes, not being able to see charges up front is infuriating. Even if the charges vary according to what’s bought, it’s good to know that up front! Shops are getting better, but you still have to hunt around for it sometimes!

  5. Whenever I need fabric I start at your list so a HUGE THANK YOU for doing this! Postage is a real PIN and I often leave sites where I cannot see straight of how much they charge – especially those where I have to register (and get a lot of spam mail as a result) before finding out.

  6. Boring but incredibly useful for us. Thank you! I also agree with the postage comments – clear, reasonable postage is a BIG factor in buying.

  7. I totally agree, I hate not being able to find the delivery charge! I also don’t like being charged way more than it will cost to be posted to me, feels like I am subsidising the ‘free postage above £xx’ that a lot of places have. A little for packaging/petrol etc I understand, but some places take the mick!

  8. Couldn’t agree more on the delivery issue, so irritating having to search and sometimes not find the charges, I often log off and don’t bother if they can’t be mre up front.

  9. Thank you so much Ali for all the work you have put into compiling this list for us – it really is appreciated! I must agree with you on the point you make about having to ‘register’ to get to the check-out or even to look at the fabric sometimes – I hate that! Natalie x

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