My way with an ATC backside!

I made this today! Full of ATC enthusiasm now that I have assigned all the partners for the Second Very Berry Textile Artist Trading Card Swap…


Now that we’re officially started, the main reason I made this was to take some pics of how I make the back of my ATCs, to help out the first timers. This is obviously not the only way, but it’s pretty easy, although you need to have a few supplies at the ready. Many apologies for the quality of the photos… I don’t know what got into me this afternoon…

You will need:
ATC card front – this needs to be 1/2″ bigger on all sides than the final ATC.
3.5″ by 2.5″ piece of thin card or cartridge paper
3.25″ by 2.25″ piece of fabric which coordinates with the front of your card.
3.5″ by 2.5″ piece of felt which coordinates with the rest of your card
2 pieces of Bondaweb (also called Fuse A Web I think) measuring 3.5″ by 2.5″ and 3.25″ by 2.25″.
Sewing machine
Fabric friendly glue stick (like a Sewline)
Fabric friendly, non-washable pen.

Take the piece of card and your ATC front (which should measure 4.5″ by 3.5″).


Place the card centrally on the back of your ATC and use a fabric-friendly glue stick to glue into place.


Fold the spare fabric over, and glue down onto the back of the card, doing the long sides first, then the short sides.



Take the small piece of fabric and iron the smaller piece of Bondaweb on the back. Write your details on the front with a fabric pen (I used a Micron pen). Try and write a bit neater than I did, why don’t you?


Take the piece of felt, peel the Bondaweb backing off the fabric you’ve put your details on, and iron centrally onto the felt.


Zig-zag stitch round the edge of the backing fabric so it doesn’t fray.


Take the larger piece of Bondaweb and apply to the back of the felt piece. Peel of the Bondaweb backing and then iron onto the back of the ATC, making sure you protect your beautiful artwork with a pressing cloth or some baking parchment. The felt back will cover those folded edges nicely.


I usually then top stitch round the edge of the card, making sure I have a nice sharp needle in my machine first.


Enjoy your swapping – can’t wait to see what you come up with, however you choose to deal with the back!

26 thoughts on “My way with an ATC backside!

  1. Very useful info here. So glad I clicked through from the guest post and found this! As an ATC Newbie it’s good to gather lots of how-to’s to decide which will work best for me.

  2. Thank you, you answered my questions too. I think I have too many ideas for such a small card LOL. But I’ll get there. Have a great sunday.

  3. Thanks for this Ali, answers a few questions I was mulling over! Love that border fabric.

    I assume that we’re okay to discuss our designs / progress on our own blogs / facebook pages in as much detail as we like as long as the name of our swap partner always remains a secret?

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