Crochet Chain – the easy way!

The worst thing about crochet? It’s got to be crocheting into the chain – it’s so fiddly, and always wears away at my patience – I’ll do anything to avoid it. So the Anchor Freccia Colorful World promotion from Coats Crafts was bound to appeal to me – because you get to crochet into a real chain instead! Considerably easier and a really fun idea – I was very keen to have a go when Coats kindly offered me a kit to try.

The cute little kit contains a gorgeous ball of Freccia yarn (which comes in some really vibrant colours), a metal chain, and a design leaflet to inspire you to create your own crochet necklace (or there’s some downloadable patterns on the Coats website). Because I can never do things the easy way, I decided not to follow a pattern, but just go off on my own. This is where I’ve got to so far:

Crochet on a chain from Coats

But now I have seen the beautiful necklace created by Em over at LuluLoves, I am wishing that I had gone with the pattern instead! But I will keep going and see what happens – I bet I end up frogging and starting again. But the fab thing about having the chain is that it is really easy to unravel and create yourself a new necklace in an evening. I really like this aspect of the kit.

The Freccia 3 ply mercerised cotton is an absolute joy to crochet with – it slides through the fingers and over the crochet hook with ease. Fine crochet is always a bit tricky, but with yarn this good, it can be a pleasure.  I love the definition of the stitches:

Crochet on a chain from Coats


These are the patterns that come with the kit – I think these collars look pretty amazing – and I was just reading in the newspaper this morning that bright colours are a September-must for the fashionable:

The only thing to be wary of here is that the patterns are charted rather than written, so you might find them a bit tricky if you aren’t a natural follower of charts.  But you can always do what I do, and just go it alone – why not! Thanks so much to the people at Coats Crafts for the opportunity to play with this fun kit.


6 thoughts on “Crochet Chain – the easy way!

  1. That looks fun. Have you ever tried crocheting with wire? It looks really cool, and my mum even attempted to teach me how to crochet with acrylic yarn so I could try it, but after she fell off the sofa laughing, we abandoned the lesson…

  2. What a great idea. A perfect embellishment for a plain jumper. I love the bright colours but could see it in black also.
    I too hate that slow tortuous process of crocheting into a chain at the begining of a project.

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