A Catch Up

July and August have been relatively quiet over at Very Berry Fabrics (I am hoping it is just a holiday-related pause..!), but the upside of that is that I have had the chance to do a tiny bit of sewing of my own. I am continuing in the grips of my tweedy-wool obsession, and I finished this little pincushion today, using some spare bits and bobs that I have from the tweed bag making:

Tweedy pincushion

I used bondaweb to fix the little pieces of tweed into position before I hand-stitched them in place.

Tweed pincushion 2

The cushion is filled with crushed walnut shells, which I’m using for the first time. They certainly do give a pincushion very satisfying weight and heft – I will be buying more of those I think.

Before the tweedy love took hold, I finished a few pouches using my flat-bottom-straight-sides method. I have been wanting to use this fabulous Japanese owl fabric for ages. I founded it really tricky to get a good picture of it, the fabric is a richer, less dark brown and more chocolatey colour in real life:

Wise owl pouch

I also finished two Liberty/linen pouches (my old obsession – the linen is lying sad and forlorn in my fabric box…):

Linen and Liberty hexie applique pouch

Linen & Liberty zippy..

This bottom one is probably my favourite – I am rather keen on the colour combination and super-proud of that red in-seam trim! For fabric-fact lovers, the linen is Kaufman Essex yarn-dyed linen, and the Liberty print is called Eloise. These 2 have sold already over on my Facebook page, but the pincushion and the owl-y pouch are still available.

Now I’m off to do a bit more work on that tricky little tweed bag…

24 thoughts on “A Catch Up

  1. Ooh that Tweed – delicious! Love what you do with it! S’funny, but I could have sworn it was you who put me on to Walnut shells! They are pleasant to use aren’t they.

    1. Thanks so much George. I have mentioned walnut shells before, mainly because someone else recommended them to me, but never used them. I think they are lovely. And so much easier than messing about with bits of toy stuffing.

  2. Hi Do you think the walnut shells would work for door stops and window draft excluders as well. Stuffing is very expensive in NZ but the walnut seems to be £1.50 a kilo plus postage.

  3. Enjoying watching your adventures in tweed and will always love your linen / liberty combos (that red trim is excellent too!). Just one word of warning on the walnut shells that I picked up on a forum – you have to be sure that whoever ends up with the pincushion doesn’t have a nut allergy apparently…

  4. What colour is the linen Andrea? Is it just natural, I’ve been scouring the Internet for one that colour but sometimes it’s hard to tell what shade of cream the fabric is!

    1. Hi there – the linen is Robert Kaufman yarn-dyed cotton-linen mix – the shade is called Flax. It is a lovely warm cream colour – it’s absolutely my favourite fabric to work with. Ali xx

  5. What stunning makes. I love them all. Where did you come across the crushed walnut shells? Not seen them before. Will be making my own pouches otherwise I would be seriously tempted.

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