Tweedy excitement

I love wool quilts… and for ages now I have been after some supplies so that I could have a go at piecing with some wool. A blogging acquaintance recommended this wonderful-looking Etsy shop, and I have been planning a purchase for a while, but wishing that I could find somewhere a bit closer to home that I could buy from (especially with the rich heritage of wool and weaving that we have in these isles). So I was overjoyed to spot Magees of Donegal at the Festival of Quilts last week. I have to confess that I emptied my wallet at their stall in pursuit of wool heaven. Here’s just some of my haul:

Tweeds from Magees  at FoQ

I was so skint after my visit there that I basically just had to get the train home again!!

I immediately started cutting to make a patchwork tweed bag all for ME! I’m using this pattern from Monkey Buttons. I am slightly regretting that this involves cutting a lot of quite small pieces of fabric, sewing on a rather stretchy diagonal and joining lots of rather bulky points. You should see the back! The front looks ok though, so I shall press on..

Tweed patchwork 2

Tweed patchwork

This project is definitely going to be about learning by your mistakes, but I still have plenty of wool (!) left, and will perhaps try something a bit more sensible next time…

So tell me, if you went, what did your Festival of Quilts haul consist of?

32 thoughts on “Tweedy excitement

  1. Great minds, I also came away from FOQ with a stash of tweed, from that stand, with the intention of making a lap quilt, and I can’t wait to get going on it though, but other projects to finish first.

  2. The quilt looks beautiful. I love making quilts with triangles so I was so pleased to find an easier way of doing it to prevent the stretching. I place 2 squares together right side facing so they are lined up square. I then draw a diagonal line from one corner to another, then draw a line either side of the middle line about 0.5 cm from the middle line. These are your 2 sewing lines. Once you’ve sewn them cut down your original middle line and you will have 2 sets of 2 triangles sewn together. Hope that helps, Gemma from Molly Moo and Jessica too

  3. I never thought about making a wool quilt but what a wonderful idea. My husband is gonna hate you because now I need to add some tweed to my quilting stash!

  4. Your tweed looks fab Ali! I didn’t go to the FOQ but saw this gorgeous tweed at the K&S Show last year but had run out of money by the time I reached that stand! My friend bought some though and it was to die for! Can’t wait to see your finished bag! xxxx

  5. I was thinking tweed quilt would be so cosy – and so scratchy too… so a bag seems like a great alternative. I have a couple of pieces of (not) wool fabric I bought last year for bags, maybe I need to be more adventurous with the design and not just stick to solids!

  6. Would have loved to go to the Festival of quilts. Maybe next year…
    Love your tweed patchwork and the bag pattern looks wonderful!
    I bought a small stash of tweeds at a quilt market some years ago. I’m afraid though that a quilt made out of it won’t be really comfortable. Love the idea of a bag, but I sure need to add some happier and brighter colours!

  7. Gotta love the tweed. There was a point a few years ago when my other half took me one side at a party and confessed in a confidential tone that he really liked tweed. I had to whisper bak that so did I. We then stood there for a while trying to decide if we had just become old or if life had caught up with us and we were now at the cutting edge.
    Never did come to an adequate decision on that one!

  8. Looks amazing. Making me think I’d like to do one just in the purples. Probably a good job I couldn’t go to FoQ!

  9. Love those tweeds. They are going to make an absolutely stunning bag. I am so tempted to buy a few Donegal tweeds myself as they really are stunning but I have several projects on the go and planned atm so have promised myself that as soon as they are all done tweed shall be next on the list.

  10. That’s lovely! Such an interesting idea. Keep us posted with your progress! I went to the foq too, I bought lots of bits and bobs in the interests of not spending too much. But somehow they all added up!

  11. Your bag looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see the finished item. Will definitely pay their site a visit.

  12. Try Cotswold Woollen Weavers, they used to sell off cuts of their fabrics. I got some fabulous indigo dyed tweeds some years ago.

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  13. Wow they look stunning. I’ve never really considered sewing with tweed but you have made it look great. Will have to keep an eye out at the next show I go to.

  14. How amazing was the festival of quilts? I have just opened a kit (one of many) for the Notting Hill Flower Shop Lap Quilt. Beside myself with excitement for tomorrow when I start cutting out. Will need two days, a large hold all and a credit card for next years event! Your wool quilt looks fab x

  15. No haul at all, as I’m in Sweden, but you have me seriously racking my brains about how I can get there (And FQR) next year. Love your finds, and your makes so far!

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