Roll put the hexies

So this clever gadget has arrived in my life.

My Sizzix

Not the colours I would have chosen (and I certainly wouldn’t have gone for diamente-style embellishment…), but it seems to be the only choice! After a lovely chat with Tracey from Quilt Me Happy at a quilt show back in the spring, about which was the best die cutter option for cutting fabric, I decided to go with a Sizzix Big Shot (see how long it takes me to make decisions…!). This means that pre-cut hexies (1″ and 1.25″) are coming to Very Berry Fabrics next week (in spite of my 2 planned trips to Festival of Quilts – hurrah!-, I WILL do it).

So I have been die cutting! It gives a really sharp edge, and I have experimented with cutting 4 folded layers of fabric – which it does with no problem. I am sure it would handle more but it would be fiddly to cut a longer strip with my patchwork ruler.

Lovely sharp edged hexies!

And die cutting some more: Lots of Liberty hexies

As a little launch celebration, from now until midnight (BST) on Sunday, anyone making an order at Very Berry Fabrics will get a free pack of 28 1″ hexies (3/4″ finished size). That’s enough to make 3 hexie flowers – and you’ll get papers to go with them, along with a lovely ziplock bag to keep your precious hexies safe.

Liberty hexies

29 thoughts on “Roll put the hexies

  1. Received my little bag of hexies today and they are just delightful. They will be gifted to my best friend who has just discovered the joys of handstitching hexies- have you seen this and then you find there are people in the world like this so what about a hexie swap ?And btw the fabrics are gorgeous, and beautifully packaged too. I will be singing your praises on my course with LA. Thank you so much.
    A new fan and a bit of a Zakka nut

  2. I love my Sizzix BigShot πŸ™‚ I mainly use it for papercraft and art journaling, but I’m really looking forward to trying out fabric cutting and starting my first quilt. Just need to buy the die-cutters in the shapes I want. Hexies seem like a good option, though! Do you use something like Heat ‘n Bond or anything to back the fabrics with? I’ve been told in the past that it gets better results that way.

  3. I have had a big shot for several years and use it for my paper crafting and I love it. I’m curious to know do you have to use special dies to cut fabric or will any die work?
    Hope you get to cut some shapes to use yourself soon instead of just cutting shapes for the shop
    Jackie x

    1. It really is fantastic – I have been using it pretty much non-stop today, and I am really pleased. It has been cutting hexies from 8 layers of Liberty lawn with absolutely no problem. It’s not too long until Xmas is it….

  4. I love my big shot. I’ve made hexies from it and it is fantastic. A little tip think outside the square with what you can use the die cuts for. I used the numbers and letters dies to cut out felt shapes which can be stuck on felt boards to be used as an education toy.

  5. I am hoping to get one for Christmas this year. It is good to know that you can cut with little waste and also that it gives a really crisp cut too. I will be watching with interest to see which dies you choose and why.

    1. Well so far I have gone for hexies (as you know!) but have tumblers and maybe diamonds on my wishlist too – will keep you posted with how I get on.. πŸ™‚ What I have noticed is that I am already doing a lot more ironing!

  6. Aww those hexies are just so cute! Hope you’re enjoying your bigshot, we got the chance to play with one at Sewing for Pleasure and made some lovely applique flowers!

  7. Can I ask why the Big Shot? I’ve read the accuquilt orvthe go! was the preferred die cutter of quilters… I’d love to purchase one, eventually so I’m really curious! And lovely hexies by the way!

    1. Hi Michie, I decided on a Sizzix because 1) it’s cheaper and 2) you can use some Accuquilt dies in it as well as Sizzix ones – it doesn’t work the other way round. Hope this helps a bit – it’s a tricky decision I know!

  8. It says it comes with ‘standard dies’ included…what does that actually mean? Which do you get with your purchase?

    1. Hi Jane – it doesn’t come with dies, it comes with standard cutting plates, which are the things that you sandwich the fabric/card and the cutting die between as you put it through the rollers. If you want I can give you a demo…

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