Very Berry Booze

It’s the time of year when we make some Very Berry concoctions… We started up our rhubarb vodka (recipe at the bottom of the page) a few weeks back now, and decanted it into a bottle today… Isn’t it a WONDERFUL colour? Just have to wait until later in the year for it to settle and mature a bit (well, we will try). I absolutely love it combined with a Fentiman’s Ginger Beer.

Rhubarb vodka

Another thing we make most years is Rumtopf. Here’s a good description of how you make it – it’s basically loads of fruit preserved in alcohol and sugar – you can drink the booze and eat the fruit – yum. You build up layers of fruit, sugar and alcohol over time, as different fruits come into season. Earlier in the year, Mr Very Berry hit charity shop gold and came home with this rather awesome Rumtopf pot:

Rumtopf pot

It came complete with instructions:

Rumtopf pot instructions

And slightly disturbing looking recipes for your finished rumtopf:


So our loganberries from the garden, and some cherries from Lord Sainsbury have formed the first layer in the 2013 rumtopf. 

Fruit for the rumtopf


But it does mean even more waiting… Life can be so hard sometimes….!

15 thoughts on “Very Berry Booze

  1. I have one of those rumtopf jars and didn’t know that’s what it was for as I also got it from a charity shop. Now I have much more exciting plans for it that as a sweet jar!
    Vodka rhubarb sounds good too, will have to try it as I’m sick of eating rhubarb crumble… Thanks!

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