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I am severely lacking in blogging mojo at the moment, so I have decided that, if I can’t be interesting (sob, sob, self pity time), I can at least by helpful.. It’s now more than 3 years (I can’t believe it really) since I published Fabric Love – a guide to my favourite and my readers’ favourite online UK fabric shops, so this seems like a very a good time to work on an update.

fabric love logo

I have tried to keep up with the appearance of new shops, new recommendations, the disappearance or moving of old shops, but it hasn’t always been top of the list of my priorities…. I am currently in the process of adding shops that I have been promising to add for ages! Here are two or three of the additions so far:

Offset Warehouse

If you want to make sustainable choices in your crafting and sewing, and if you make accessories, clothes, toys or soft furnishings, then your first port of call should be Offset Warehouse. All the fabrics they stock are socially or environmentally responsible and this is clearly outlined on the site, with lots of resources about the ethics of fabric manufacturing. You can browse either by fabric type (types include denim, velvet, linen, terry, fleece and much more) or by fabric use, and there is also a search facility for the whole site. The pricing structure is excellent – the fabrics are affordable for people buying smaller quantities, but there are discounts for businesses wanting to buy larger quantities. I can’t give precise information about delivery costs because it depends on the weight of the fabric and its origin – but it is all clearly explained just here

Offset Warehouse on Facebook
Offset Warehouse on Twitter

Just as a little additional note – whilst browsing round the site I spotted that Offset Warehouse are having a lovely-sounding Fabric Sale Garden Party in Hatch End (UK) at the end of August.

-Fabric Sale Garden Party

You can find out more on their Facebook page.


JB Quilting

This is a slightly old fashioned and traditional feeling website (beware of the little jingle if you are doing work-based browsing or if you are easily surprised!), but if you are the type to be put off by that, don’t let it. JB Quilting has a huge range of Moda, Timeless Treasures and Benartex fabrics and more. Judging by the quantities listed, Christmas and children’s fabrics are a particular speciality. You can browse by colour, by manufacturer and by collection, and there is a full site search facility. I can’t quite work out the delivery charges for orders under £25, but over £25 the postage is free. Payment is by Paypal, or by credit/debit card. Their customer service comes highly recommended by my readers. They don’t appear to have a social networking presence.


Lady Sew and Sew

Lady Sew and Sew is a one stop shop for quilters – one of those extremely useful shops where you can pick up all you need for a patchwork project. They stock an excellent and extensive range of fabric (designers/makers including Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink, Amy Butler, Valori Wells), wadding and quilting haberdashery, and they have quilting/sewing books and quilt kits too. You can browse by fabric designer or by fabric type (it would be great to have a browse by colour option too). There is a sliding scale of payments for delivery depending on order value, starting at £2.95 for orders up to £15, and you can pay by credit/debit card – I am not sure if PayPal is an option because it’s not immediately obvious. If you want to check out their range in person, the Lady Sew and Sew warehouse in Henley is open on Monday each week and on other Open Days too.

Lady Sew and Sew on Facebook
Lady Sew and Sew on Twitter


So, there you go, a lovely utility post! If you have any shops that I really ought to include, or any feedback at all about any shops on the list, I would be glad to hear from you. Remember the criteria… to be included the fabric shop needs to be based in the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and needs to have an online shop (not just an online presence). Looking forward to hearing from you!

10 thoughts on “Update to UK Online Fabric Shop list

  1. I have been in touch with Charlie at Offset Warehouse, through my work at The Quilt Association and they seem like a nice company, with sound ethics – plus they have an amazing range of interesting fabrics and I think the prices are very good!
    My number one supplier for plain fabric, especially Prepared For Dyeing (PDF) is Whaleys of Bradford.

    1. Thanks! I saw these guys at the quilt show in Uttoxeter and I have been trying to remember their shop name – you have done me a great favour, my brain no longer hurts (much!). Glad to hear you had a good time at Retreat – I think one of the reasons I am grumpy is because I didn’t get to go…. 😉

  2. This is a very helpful list, thank you! I am looking into fabrics to make a baby blanket for my soon-to-arrive niece and wondered if there are any fabrics I should avoid or any specialist fabrics I should use? Do you have any recommendations?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle – congrats on being an aunt-to-be – that sounds very exciting. Personally I would very tempted to make a baby blanket with soft flannel or maybe with fleece (although that’s more tricky to sew). There are some gorgeous flannels around – Cloud 9 make some beautiful ones that are very suitable for babies.

  3. Brilliant list. Lady Sew and Sew is fantastic and IMHO the website doesn’t do it justice. If you can get to the warehouse on a Monday (they are usually open but check the website) it is an amazing treasure trove of gorgeous fabric and some amazing designer bargains to be had, they have more Kaffe Fasset fabric than I’ve ever seen :-).
    Their service is excellent too.

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