Recipe: Summer ice

Soft fruit season is here – we have strawberries, gooseberries and loganberries in the garden. But for some reason (um, 28C outside maybe), I haven’t exactly felt like making jam or doing any baking. So ice cream and sorbet have seemed like a more attractive option as we cast round for a bit of coolness and refreshment (so not used to this heat – don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of sun, but just now and then a cooling breeze would be nice!). Strawberry sorbet was a huge hit – a gorgeous flavour and so easy to make. Before and after:

Before and after

Today I used the first of our loganberries to make a really simple loganberry yogurt ice. Totally delicious so I thought I’d share the recipe… It is certainly very pink…!

Loganberry Yogurt Ice

Loganberry and yogurt ice


200g prepared loganberries (or you could use raspberries or strawberries)
100g caster sugar
450ml natural yogurt

1) Rub the loganberries through a sieve, or process them in a blender then strain, to create a smooth pureé.
2) Stir in the sugar and yogurt and then refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. <
3) Freeze churn in your ice cream maker until it is very thick and creamy and then transfer to a freezer box.
4) Alternatively pour the mixture into a shallow freezer tray and put in the coldest part of your freezer, whisk 2 or 3 times in the couple of hours that this takes to freeze.

And it’s as simple as that. This makes a quite a tart ice-cream that I find really delicious, but you might want to add another 20-30g of sugar if you are using slightly underripe fruit or you have a sweet tooth!


I have made a little bit of jam, on a slightly cooler evening last week . I really recommend this fab recipe for strawberry and rhubarb jam. Fab because it tastes amazing, is very quick and easy, and the addition of lemon juice and rhubarb means that you get a very good strawberry-flavoured jam that sets reliably. Here is is on my bread roll this morning (recipe for the roll is just here by the way):

Strawberry and rhubarb jam

Oooh, I could eat that again right now…

Tomorrow we are having gooseberry sorbet after our Sunday lunch and hopefully celebrating an England win in the cricket. Hope you have similar treats in store for your Sunday…

3 thoughts on “Recipe: Summer ice

  1. Yum yum. I love the idea of a gooseberry sorbet. I’ve just picked the last of mine so might make something like that with them.

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