Flat bottoms, straight sides

I am experimenting with drawing patterns to create different sized pouches with simple flat bottoms (the stitching across the corners method), but keeping the sides straight-ish. I *think* I have come up with something that works (there’s probably a mathematical way of doing it, but that’s beyond me – my system is trial and error..). I tested out my pattern with some Liberty and linen (so what’s new?).

Liberty hexie and linen pouch 1

Whenever I post a pic of a make featuring this linen, I get loads of people asking me what it is… so, it’s yarn-dyed Essex linen (from Robert Kaufman) in a shade called Flax. If they ever stop making it, I will have to stop sewing… well, not really, but I do love it because that woven textured look says authentic ‘linen’ to me, but it is incredibly soft and easy to work with, and because it is 45% cotton, it is not too heavy either. Fabulous stuff, and helpfully stocked by lots of the best UK fabric shops like M is for Make, Eternal Maker, Celtic Fusion Fabrics, Fabric Rehab, andΒ Quilt Me Happy.

Liberty hexie close up

And of course, if you want to buy some Liberty fabrics to make some hexies of your own, then you can come to me! I made the hexies using the English Paper Piecing method, and then machine stitched them into place on the front of the pouch, stitching round the central hexie, then round the edge of the flower.

Liberty hexie pouch 2

The pouch is lined with more Liberty lawn (a print from Spring 2013 called Katie and Millie). I also made a little zip pull using two 3/4″ hexies sandwiched round a piece of felt. Rather tricky to sew as I had to thread it through the zip end before I stitched it!

Linen pouch with Liberty edging

This will hopefully be my next 12 Patterns in 12 Months tutorial… Flat bottoms and straight sides for all! I’ve also got a little trick with zip ends to share…

33 thoughts on “Flat bottoms, straight sides

  1. Gorgeous combination of fabrics – I recently learnt the English paper piecing method using hexagons and found it very relaxing and great for using in other projects like you have demonstrated beautifully. x

  2. I totally love working with linen and use it a lot. The colour of the one you use is just perfect! The last sentence of your post took the words right out of my mouth …. I was just admiring your zip ends πŸ™‚ x

  3. Another winning pattern Ali, professionally made as ever. Looking forward to the pattern.

    1. Thanks Linda… I want to say that I will have the tute out soon, but I bet it will be a couple of weeks. I always underestimate how long it takes for these things… Thanks for the lovely comment. x

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