Summer Sunday

Strawberry & mascarpone tart for lunch (based on this recipe –replacing rhubarb with strawbs):

A treat and a half..


Flowers (beautiful peonies planted many years ago by my dad) from the garden for the house:

My dad's peonies


Soaking rhubarb in vodka a la Nigella for Christmas drinking – a task crossed off my ‘to do’ list:

Soaking rhubarb in vodka


Finishing a little summery purse (another task off the list – hurrah!):

Soul Garden purse

Hope you had a lovely Sunday too, wherever you are and whatever the weather.


12 thoughts on “Summer Sunday

  1. Fab pics and a very productive day by all accounts! Love it when you can cross things off your “to do” list! So satisfying! xxxx

  2. I am going to make the Strawberry Cheesecake for our Ladies wot Lunch, it will be my turn in August. Did you prepare the strawberries in the same way as the rhubarb or just as they are?

    It looks delish!

  3. Always great to tick something off that huge virtual list. I’ve ticked a few off mine this weekend too.
    Still didn’t make the rhubarb marmalade I’ve got on my list. I’m going to look up that rhubarb vodka. We are drowning in the stuff; rhubarb, not vodka 😉

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