A tiny bit of sewing

In between chopping up bits of Liberty fabric and packing up parcels to send to all my lovely customers, I did get a bit of time to do a bit of sewing this week. I only seem to be able to manage quick and simple projects at the moment… I tell myself I am letting the fabrics speak for themselves…  So it has been coin purse central – I’ve done dinos (cute fabric from Michael Miller bought at Fabric Inspirations):

Lovebirds (another Michael Miller, but a couple of years old now, so maybe unobtainable now):

IMG_9116And finally, and my favourite, Mod coffee pots (this fabulous fabric by Melody Miller is on offer at a BARGAIN price at M is for Make):


All these are available for sale via my Facebook page (other than the Lovebirds which have flown to a new home already…).

It has been a funny old week… we were planning to go away for a couple of days with the tent, but then my dear old car decided that it needed a rather extensive amount of TLC, so we didn’t go after all due to ruinous garage bills!  But maybe it was all for the best – it rained and rained and rained here on Thursday and Friday – not ideal tent drying weather…!

Hope the sun has been shining on you today, wherever you are…

9 thoughts on “A tiny bit of sewing

  1. My, you have been busy! They are lovely Ali. Sometimes it’s really pleasing to make something speedy, really satisfying. Really must get on Facebook so I can take advantage of all it offers.

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